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First Google Glass Apps Demoed at SXSW

Google is one of the companies that attended at SXSW, a tech event that is taking place in Texas, and, on this occasion, the Mountain View-based search engine giant has given us another preview on Project Glass.

It seems that the new augmented reality glasses developed by Google will come with Evernote, Gmail and even New York Times integration.

The developers already had the occasion of “playing” with the specially-created Project Glass API and they have already developed a lot of new applications that are currently in beta stage.

For example, the New York Times application will display the news titles in the Google Glass interface if you are requesting news access, or an image from the same source, if the user is requesting it.

The headset, the Google Glasses will also tell you at which time the article was post. Right next to it you will have integration for Gmail, Google Now and even a notes app.

The developers that already got their hands on the Google Now glasses are already working on a notifications system that alerts the user about Braking News.

It’s interesting that, as you can see in the video bellow, the¬†interaction¬†with Google Glass takes place using a lot of swipe gestures, thus it might be another device involved, as well, most likely a smartphone.

In case you forgot, I remind you that the initial Google Glass kit has a price of $1,500 and is only available on the specially created lists, only on US territory.