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600,000 Google Nexus 7-inch Tablet units ready to be shipped this June

7-inch Google Nexus Tablet

Numerous rumors say that the future Nexus tablet is expected to sell big as ASUS finished the production and there are already six hundred thousand Google Nexus units ready to be shipped out in June. This means good news for Google as they expect to sell at least two million devices until the end of 2012.

Google Nexus tablet had the May set as the official release date, but it was pushed back to change some design feature and to reduce some hardware costs. It is expected for the 7-inch tablet to be launched with the quad-core Nvidia Kai platform and if we were to believe the rumors then ASUS finished the work and they wish to ship around 600,000 units in June in order to be ready for a July launch when the Google I/O event takes place.

As you might know, it has been said that the ASUS MeMo 370T displayed at CES was the base model for the Nexus tablet and if this were true, and since ASUS’ tablet costs $249 along with Google wanting for their Nexus device to be much cheaper then we should expect the final price of the new 7-inch Google Nexus tablet to be somewhere around $200. However, these are only rumors and there will be multiple other ones leaked in the near future.

We can’t give you any extra specs as there aren’t any beside the one that tells us that Google already expects ASUS to deliver over a half a million devices so that they will have them ready for a July release and presentation, when the Google I/O event takes place. So, what are your thoughts about the 7inch Google Nexus Tablet, will it come with a Nvidia Kai quadcore platform or Google will try to lower the costs and release it as dual core? Leave your opinions in our comments field.