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Action Launcher is definitely worth a look

As you may know, the Play Store is full of custom launchers, most of them based on the AOSP one, for those who just want to get rid of the branded ones, like TouchWiz os Sense. But the Action Launcher is something different and it makes things much simpler.

Action Launcher has been developed by Chris Lacy, also developer of Tweet Lanes, a really nice app, which means he can be trusted to provide future upgrades and bug fixes for possible issues that might show up with different devices.

Now you might be asking what’s so special about Action Launcher. There isn’t anything revolutionary here, but it made me love it from first sight. First of all, it’s a no-drawer launcher, which means you won’t have to open the app drawer menu anymore in order to find apps. You just have to swipe left and an alphabetically sorted list of your apps will show up. If swiping isn’t your thing, then there’s a dedicated button too in the top left of the homescreen.

The top menu also features a search button, which opens Google Now on Jelly Bean devices, a Play Store button and a Customize button, that allows you to add shortcuts or widgets to the homescreen, along with changing the wallpaper. The button differs depending on the device. If you have physical buttons, then you only have a customize button, otherwise you have a menu button with multiple options. For devices with physical buttons, the other settings are available by pressing the device’s menu button.

The Action Launcher also features covers, a new species of folder. A cover is basically a folder, but works different. On a single tap it opens your preferred app, while on double tap it opens the folder. Folders are created extremely easily, just drag a shortcut over another. To turn a folder into a cover, open it and press the menu button. The app that a cover will open is always the first one in the list, so if you want to change it, just drag another one in its place.

Something that I have been also using with Apex is the swipe down gesture to open notifications. I’m using a Galaxy Note 2 and it’s a pretty tough job to grab the notifications bar, but with Action Launcher you can swipe down everywhere on the homescreen and the notifications will open.

Watch the video below to see it in action. We’ve played with it for a while and it’s really awesome.

You can download Action Launcher from the Play Store here.