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AlarmPad Wakes You Up and Reads Your Messages, Appointments and Weather

We get dozens of requests for app reviews daily, but we don’t write about most of them, because they are either not interesting or just bad apps. AlarmPad is not one of them and it’s surprising that it has a very low number of install.

AlarmPad looks like a combination between Android’s stock alarm app and Google Now. It rings and allows you to stop it or snooze it. If you decide to stop it, then it will read your messages and appointments and tell you the weather. You can also view all of them directly in the alarm’s window. All of these can be configured, of course, so you will only receive the informations you want.

If you’re a person who uses multiple alarms during the day and you don’t want AlarmPad to keep reading the information every time, then you can setup every alarm just the way you want. The free version is ad-supported and only allows you to have 5 active alarms at a time, while the Pro version is ad-free and allows you to use unlimited alarms.


AlarmPad comes with a lot of useful and practical features. First of all, when you choose the alarm time, it has buttons set for morning, afternoon, evening, and night. You can set it up as an alarm for your calendar events. Whenever you setup a new event in your calendar, AlarmPad will ask you if you want an alarm for it.

For more savvy users, AlarmPad is compatible with Tasker and DashClock. If you’re using Tasker, you will have the “set an alarm” option. Also, you can display your alarms on your DashClock.

You can install AlarmPad for free on the Play Store and you can buy the Pro version for $0.99 here.