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All New HTC One 2014 Wallpapers, Sounds and Fonts Download Links Leaked

March 25th is nearing and we should finally get the official release of the all new HTC One smartphone. But, until then we might get all of its firmware leaked, as earlier today we’ve found the wallpapers, sounds and fonts files leaked all over the web.

The device hasn’t been released yet, but there is a leaked video that shows how to the new HTC One 2014 looks like and some of its future Sense features. Today, some guys at XDA managed to get their hands on the future wallpapers and sounds that will be packed with the new HTC flagship device.

All the wallpapers are using a geometric and nature them, as you will find pictures of plants, flowers, and some other that show some colored lines. The default resolution for all files is 2160 x 1920 confirming that the new HTC One device will support scrolling wallpapers just like any other Android device with 1080p displays. The entire wallpaper pack features over 18 walls for you to try on your phone.

The Sounds zip holds the alarms, notifications and ringtones files. These audio file are using the same nature theme.

Download the HTC One 2014 Wallpapers zip. After you download the zip on your device you should use a file explorer app that is capable of extracting archived contents. Use the Gallery app to view and set your new default wallpaper.

Download the HTC One Sound notifications zip. Move the zip to your phone or extract them on your computer directly. If you transfer the the file on your phone directly without extracting its contents, then make sure that you have installed a file explorer with unzip capabilities. Alternatively you can choose to overwrite the system UI sounds folder with the new ones for all the notifications to appear in your device’s Sound settings menu.

The all new HTC One release is not far away and if the trend continues like this, then we might get the entire phone leaked in stores before HTC holds their March 25th event.

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