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Alleged Android L (Android 4.5) Screenshots Leaked Online

Google is expected to launch the next Android iteration in the following months, but in the meantime we get to look at what a couple of alleged screenshots of Android L (Android 4.5, Android 5.0, or whatever). The screenshots were spotted in the Chrome issue tracker.

The below screenshots were first spotted by reddit user /u/Doopl, but they have been since removed from the Chrome issue tracker. Fortunately, he was quick enough to save the two photos.

As you can see for yourself in the gallery below, the leaked screenshots contain a handful of details that make us believe that we’re looking at Android 4.5 L (Lollipop?). The first thing you’ll probably notice is the strange “L” icon in the left corner which might actually be the “USB debugging mode” icon for the next Android version.

Unlike Android KitKat, the status and nav no longer have a gradient, being flat-out transparent. The bell in the status bar it’s either a new icon for “silent mode” or to a new don-not-disturb like feature.

The dialog window also looks different from what we’ve seen in KitKat and previous Android versions: it no longer has holo blue, while the buttons are no longer delimited by gray lines. The “Settings” and “Ok, got it” text is in all-caps, and the font for “You’re signed in” is larger than usual. Of course, the design looks unfinished, but we shouldn’t forget that we’re looking at a test build.

The Chrome UI looks also different, packing some of the elements that we’ve seen a few weeks ago in the Quantum Paper leaks. Furthermore, the Chrome window isn’t full screen which might be an indication that the rumors saying that Google is readying a card-based multitasking were accurate.

As you may know, Google I/O 2014 will open its gates tomorrow and we might get a glimpse of the new interface Google is planning for the Android L release. Thoughts?