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Amazon Appstore to reach Europe by the end of summer

Amazon began competing with Google’s Android Play Store once with their Kindle Fire release, though it’s only available in the US. But some rumors say that Amazon’s Appstore is going to reach Europe by the end of summer.

Unfortunately for some, this doesn’t mean that Kindle Fire will also be available in Europe, as it’s harder to release a device than an Appstore. Though all we can do is hope and maybe we will be able to get the most popular Android tablet in Europe too.

Amazon has done a really good job with their Appstore and some aspects make it even better than Google’s Play Store. For example, Amazon’s editors review the apps themselves, so you don’t get only a description written by its developer, which will always be positive. This review process can keep malware, low quality apps and other stuff that you may not want far from your device, while Google’s Play Store doesn’t do a very good job at it.

Amazon has proven to be very successful at selling the Kindle Fire tablet, which is, by far, an Android best-seller. The tablet is affordable, priced at $199, and comes with decent hardware, along with Amazon’s books, movies and music offering.