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Amazon Kindle App Update Brings Revamped Design

The Amazon officials have recently stated that their Kindle tablets are not meant to be a cash source for the company when the people buy the devices, but they are meant to be profitable on the long run via their usage.

The Amazon Kindle application has had an average appearance so far, with nothing out of the ordinary about it. However, things are about to change because Amazon has updated the application giving it a more slick design but also making it more user-friendly. Amazon has been planing this move for quite a while and now it finally did it.

As of today, the Amazon kindle up will look differently in a good way becoming more intuitive for its users. The software has reached version 4.0 and it brings lots of new improvements to the table such as: revamped library, the carousel has been updated and now it shows recent items on the home screen, the navigation panel has a new design, and now the Kindle users will be able to browse all items, bot local and cloud content.

There are a lot of differences between the former and the updated version of the Kindle app, especially when it comes to the user interface which is now more gesture based having the double carousel on the home screen. It displays all your contents at the top, while the recommendations are placed at the bottom, which is more interesting than before.

Amazon has made modifications to the menu as well, making it more easy to access than the previous versions of the software. The company has also added popular samples that will allow the users what’s in trend.

Overall, the new version of the Amazon Kindle app offers a more easy way to find the desired items, lacking complexity which is not always good.

The Kindle update also brings the Holo UI to the app , which is very surprising because Amazon usually likes to have its own identity when it comes to software, releasing apps feature no similarities to other Android applications. It looks like the company wants to make a change, that will certainly make the users of its tablets very happy.

Those interested to install the new Kindle application can find it on Google’s Play Store. In case you already have the application, it will be updated soon, if it hasn’t already been upgraded.

tell us what do you think about this new design in the comment section below.