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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 rumor roundup: two 7-inchers, a 9-incher and a 10-incher

As you may already know, Amazon is going to hold an event on September 6, when they will most likely reveal new products, including the Kindle Fire 2. Rumors have been flowing around lately about the new Kindle Fire 2, it’s specs, size and now most talk about more versions of the tablet.

The tablet’s existence is pretty clear, as Amazon has been very successful with the original Kindle Fire, though what we are curious about is if there will be a 10-inch version, what hardware will it pack and if the price will remain the same.

It’s clear that Amazon is going to fight against Google’s Nexus 7, so they have to come with some really good specs. Though most rumors now say that they are planning to release two versions of the tablet, while others even talk about three versions.

It seems like Amazon plans to attack multiple markets: the 7-inch mid-end, 7-inch high-end and 10-inch ones. But this isn’t all, because others also talk about 8.9 to 9-inch tablets, instead of the 10-inch one. Unfortunately there are so many rumors coming from so many sources, that we really are confused.

The latest information comes from CNET, which reports that a 10-inch tablet is in the works, though it won’t be released on September 6. According to them, Amazon is planning to release two 7-inch Kindle Fire 2 tablets, oine priced at $150 and the high-end one, with a price tag of $250.

And this seems a bit weird, considering that probably none of them will be a direct competitor of Google’s Nexus 7. The $150 one with be under-speced most probably, while the other will be more expensive.

Hopefully for everyone, Amazon will be able to beat the Nexus 7’s specs and offer the Kindle Fire 2 at the same price of $200. Most expect from the Kindle Fire 2 a HDMI port, 3G support, a quad-core CPU and at least 1GB of RAM. 2GB of RAM would probably be too much for this price and it’s possible that even 3G is too much.

Our rumor roundup comes to an end with no conclusion, as you were probably expecting. We have to wait and see what Amazon has been preparing us on September 6.

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