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Amazon Smartphone To Debut In Q3 2013, Will Be Manufactured By Foxconn

There were a lot of rumors regarding the first Amazon smartphone hitting the market this summer. You probably know that the company’s Kindle Fire was a huge marker success, becoming the best-selling Android-powered tablet in just one quarter. Amazon also launched a couple of more tablets in 2012, Kindle Fire HD with different configurations, and a flagship named Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

Rumor has it that Amazon has ambitious plans, that go beyond the tablets market. The speculations regarding a smartphone built by the US-based online retailer. It seems that the Amazon smartphone will be manufactured by Foxconn, making the market debut in Q3 2013. It seems that Amazon has contacted Foxconn for 5 million units, hitting the market at a price around $100 – 200.

There’s no doubt that the Amazon smartphone will run on Android OS, just like the Kindle tablets, but it will be interesting to see how the online retailer will bring the mobile phone under the Kindle umbrella, how it will be bound to the Amazon services, from the cloud services to the highly customized user interface applied on the Amazon terminals.

My guess is that we will be dealing with cheap Android-powered smartphone, with dual-core processor, high-quality display, becoming a popular device. Unfortunately, there are some countries where Amazon smartphone will not provide a complete experience, because many of the Amazon services are not available there.