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Amazon Will Upgrade the 7 inch Kindle Fire and Add a New 8.9 inch Model

One of the best selling Android tablets out there is none other than the Amazon made Kindle Fire, but the major online retailer has already made plans to add a new 7 inch model of its original slate and a bigger, supposedly more powerful 8.9 model. This is especially good news since the Android tablet market is still struggling to catch up to the iPad, and more versions of the most popular Android tablet will only boost the sales.

The plans we have managed to dig up so far all concern the upgrading of the current 7 inch Kindle fire to a better configuration and as a new twist, we also found out that Amazon in planning to offer this model in two different configurations each with its own price. This news brings to mind the possibility of a cheaper 7 inch Kindle Fire for those who use it for the basic tasks and a more expensive model for the power hungry users.

The specs of the lower priced model will most likely be almost the same as the current Kindle Fire, with a 1024×600 display alongside the dual core processor and the 512 MB of RAM. The only change that might intervene is one regarding the storage space in the device. In this case Amazon may allow the user access to all the onboard storage or it might keep its share of it and bump up the overall capacity of the internal flash drive.

The higher specced 7 inch version will most likely bump the resolution of the screen to 1280×800 and the rest is still an unknown. We wouldn’t be surprised to see if other hardware specs get an upgrade, but then again Amazon will try to keep the price as low as possible and might end up reusing the hardware from the lower priced version.

The other rumor in this leak was the one regarding the new Kindle Fire with a bigger screen. While some pointed at a 10 inch wide screen, it seems very likely that Amazon will opt for an 8.9 inch wide one with a resolution that will enable it to compete with the new iPad. All in all it this new device might come with high end specs and it might try to out price any other product out there, but at this state everything is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

While all of the rumors from above can still be blown to the wind easily it is almost certain that Amazon will arrive at the end of the year with two Kindle Fire models, but other than that we can only guess if it will bump that number to three and which models it will announce.