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Amazon’s New Kindle Fire HD 7 has been finally rooted

Root for Kindle Fire HD 7 released

Amazon launched their Kindle Fire HD 7 device several days ago and there is already a full working root method that you can use to apply on your tablet device. It needs ADB commands ( Android SDK ), a single file download and an advanced Android user to apply all the changes necessary for the device to offer its users root access.

Rooting your Kindle Fire HD 7 is not an easy task and developers from XDA and Rootzwiki started work on finding root exploits. Rooting the device doesn’t mean that you can apply custom ROMs as the bootloader still remains locked and you should keep an eye on the Android development forums or on our web site, since it is only a matter of time until developers will get their way around Amazon’s bootloader security.

If you decide to root your device, then you should be careful as this process might damage the Kindle Fire HD 7. Rooting the device is easy and you only need to download a file, the Android SDK, connect it to your PC and then push several Android files using several command lines that will eventually by-pass and exploit Amazon’s vulnerabilities. It seems like the exploit already existed on other devices that came with ICS 4.0 and you shouldn’t have too much trouble in applying these changes.

This exploit currently works with the Kindle Fire HD 7 variant and we have no idea if it will work with the future Kindle Fire HD 8.9 model. However, if you’re an Android enthusiast that wants to root his device, then you should do it before Amazon manages to patches it with a future software update. The Kindle Fire HD 7 costs costs only $199 ¬†and it can be rooted easily using our guide here.

Now that the device has been finally rooted, you should wait until some other hacks and exploits will be made available so that you’ll be able to unlock the bootloader, install custom ROMs, install a new launcher, new applications and maybe, you will also get support for Google’s Play Store. Keep a close eye on Android developers’ community as we might be in for a bug surprise in the coming weeks, such as the release of a fully working custom ROM for the 7-inch variant of Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7.


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