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Android 4.0.4 Update Released for the Samsung Galaxy Note in India

The Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most appreciated handsets by users worldwide, is ready for a new OS update. Unfortunately the firmware will be received only for one market, though beta ROMs and unofficial ports of the same will be developed for other regions too. Anyway, to make it clear, the Android 4.0.4 update has just been released by Samsung for the Galaxy Noted devices from India. Therefore, the Indian users are the only ones who can enjoy this new ROM, which comes with several bug fixes and features.

We all know that the previous version of the upgrade was delayed and delayed so we were just wondering when the 4.0.4 flavor will drop; and now we have the answer. Furthermore, this is coming just before the Galaxy Note 2 release which will take place during the IFA 2012 event this year (August 29 to be more precise) so it seems that Samsung is having important plans for its users, at least for the Indian ones. On the other hand, there are no words about the possible Jelly Bean update for the Note though you can anytime start to improve the OS by flashing an Android 4.1 based custom ROMs. For suitable step by step guides take a look over our how to section.

As for the present firmware, you must know that if you are living in India, then you can OTA receive and apply it, or you can install the ROM by using Samsung KIES. Both methods are easy to complete, all you need to have is access to Internet, and for the KIES a Windows running computer. The Android 4.0.4 update file size is of 111 MB, and comes with several features and security fixes to S Pen, S Memo, S Planner, S Choice, S Note, Crayon Physics and more.

Remember that this update is being suitable only for the Indian users of the Samsung galaxy Note, so if you are on a different market you will not be able to OTA receive the Android 4.0.4 firmware. You will have to use and complete a manual installation method, which will be developed in the coming days.

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