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Android 4.0 Roboto font – now available for your PC (How To)

Are you among the trillions of people that love the new Roboto font that came with Android 4.0? Why not use it on the PC as well then, in your IM conversations (when you do have some away from your handheld), apply it for that school project in Word of Powerpoint, or just store it in the Windows fonts for doomsday when Androids won’t be made anymore. “I is robot” or not, this font can now be yours due to Google’s generosity and our quick helpful guide.

Maybe the font garnishing the Android 4.0 OS is not the top relevant addition to Google’s new mobile OS, but many people just love the Roboto font, designed by Matias Duarte. So Google decided to offer the Roboto font for the masses via the Android Developer site. Head on and grab it.

The Roboto font is a slender font that focuses on clarity and aesthetics. It is optimized for higher resolution handheld screens, but is also quite appropriate on older generation phones as well. It looks superb on a HD monitor or wider tablet, so give it a shot – it’s free!

What about how to made the font readily accessible on the PC? As long as your PC supports TrueType fonts (if you’re not sure if it does or not, safely presume it does and go on with the following steps. Roboto should robotize in your machine quite dandy).

Here’s a quick guide for installing the Roboto fond from Android on Windows XP/Vista/7:

  • Download the Roboto font from the link above, it’s a  .zip file. Extract it, then drag and drop the contents into the following path: C:\Windows\Fonts. (this doesn’t work so well in Windows XP)
  • Alternatively, open the .zip file with all the font options, and double click on the desired font. In the new screen that appears, you will be previewed the font. Good. Now look in the top-left section for a button that says… drumroll…INSTALL.

Also, I entertain that the Roboto font will play a role in the dethroning of Tablets, pushing Android and Google towards world domination! No, fooling with ya, but if you fance the subject of iPad vs Android tablets read more on the subject here.