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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean now available for Motorola Electrify 2

Motorola Electrify 2 was launched last year in August on U.S. Cellular and is now ready for an upgrade to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. As you probably know, the other device under Electrify name, the X model, was upgraded as well to Android Jelly Bean, so this upgrade comes as a natural action to align all models to the same OS. Even if this is an OTA upgrade, it won’t be available right away, but instead U.S. Cellular decided to make it a phases OTA, which means some of you will get the upgrade sooner than others, depending on the luckiness.

In case you wonder, the firmware is 9.8.3O-118-14 and will bring some awesome features, specific to Jelly Bean: expanded notifications, Voice Search, Google Now, Project Butter and so on. In order to apply the update you’ll have to go to settings and check for updates, in case the upgrade didn’t popped-up yet. The upgrade process will restart a few times your smartphone, and after that you can enjoy the Jelly Bean OS at its finest.

In case you have some issues while upgrading, let us know and we are going to guide you trough the process, but keep in mind that we cannot give you the upgrade if it’s not provided yet for your smartphone, it’s all up to U.S. Cellular and you should be patient about it.

UPDATE: Some readers reported that after the upgrade, Motorola Electrify 2 lost their entire phonebook and wiped out all their data. Also the mobile data usage was gone and they had to resynchronize all their e-mails. In this case contact U.S. Cellular. The fact is that once the upgrade was not installed correctly, by either the carrier’s fault or yours and it caused some damage to your smartphone, those data cannot be restored, unless you created a back-up which you saved on a removable unit, like a microSD. So be careful and back-up your smartphone before you make any software changes.

Let us know if you discovered any other issues with this upgrade, in the comment section.