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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean now available for Motorola Electrify 2

Motorola Electrify 2 was launched last year in August on U.S. Cellular and is now ready for an upgrade to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. As you probably know, the other device under Electrify name, the X model, was upgraded as well to Android Jelly Bean, so this upgrade comes as a natural action to align all models to the same OS. Even if this is an OTA upgrade, it won’t be available right away, but instead U.S. Cellular decided to make it a phases OTA, which means some of you will get the upgrade sooner than others, depending on the luckiness.

In case you wonder, the firmware is 9.8.3O-118-14 and will bring some awesome features, specific to Jelly Bean: expanded notifications, Voice Search, Google Now, Project Butter and so on. In order to apply the update you’ll have to go to settings and check for updates, in case the upgrade didn’t popped-up yet. The upgrade process will restart a few times your smartphone, and after that you can enjoy the Jelly Bean OS at its finest.

In case you have some issues while upgrading, let us know and we are going to guide you trough the process, but keep in mind that we cannot give you the upgrade if it’s not provided yet for your smartphone, it’s all up to U.S. Cellular and you should be patient about it.

UPDATE: Some readers reported that after the upgrade, Motorola Electrify 2 lost their entire phonebook and wiped out all their data. Also the mobile data usage was gone and they had to resynchronize all their e-mails. In this case contact U.S. Cellular. The fact is that once the upgrade was not installed correctly, by either the carrier’s fault or yours and it caused some damage to your smartphone, those data cannot be restored, unless you created a back-up which you saved on a removable unit, like a microSD. So be careful and back-up your smartphone before you make any software changes.

Let us know if you discovered any other issues with this upgrade, in the comment section.

  • brucelud

    I upgraded to jelly bean on my Electrify 2, yesterday. I have only seen one issue. I lost the Accuweather weather application that came with the phone! Its the one with the great graphics with sun, snow, rain, etc. I called US Celular to try and get it back, but they couldn’t help me. They sent me to Motorola and the people there said that it wasn’t supported anymore. What a bummer! Guess its just a way that Accuweather can try to drum up some new money. I really didn’t see anything at their website that was comparable.

    • daisey

      from what I have read sum of the routers are too old for the new system. my cell phone picks up my wireless internet but wont connect to it. says poor connection when im rite beside it. tried restore’n it several times turn phone & router off, still don’t work & us cellular & Motorola still can’t tell me y they haven’t heard of anyone else have’n this problem, but i’m in my plan were I can get a new phone. Bummed cause I like the one I have.

      • waterski

        Just talked with motorola and the new jelly bean doesn’t work with old routers. I have a westell B90 wireless router and they told me it is not supported. Hey Motorola thanks for putting the info out there that this wont work on older routers, if I had known that I wouldn’t have done the upgrade. Oh joy get to spend more money on upgrading my wireless router.

  • waterski

    Some of the wifi connections I could connect with no longer work, including my home wifi….any ideas, I’ve tried a number of things to correct this but still no luck

  • brucelud

    Yesterday, I found another issue with the Jelly Bean upgrade to Electrify 2. Under Ice Cream Sandwich, you could turn off the data function to stop your phone from using data all of the time. I always kept mine off unless I was trying to get weather or use the web someplace where I didn’t have access to WIFI. With the Jelly Bean upgrade, there is NO LONGER AN OPTION TO TURN THE DATA OFF! YOU CAN’T TURN THE DATA OFF.

    This is my first experience with a smartphone and I really liked the Electrify 2, but I sure don’t like the way it is now with Jelly Bean. I can’t understand why a phone upgrade doesn’t work like those on your pc where nothing is taken away. Hey US Cellular and Motorola, if you want to keep my business, you need to let your customers know about these upgrades and the NEGATIVES as well as the positives of upgrading, or else make it so a software update can be rolled back.

    Either would be an improvement on the existing process.

  • brucelud

    I found a new manual for the Electrify 2 with Jelly Bean and while I was looking, I found another issue. The FM Radio application has been removed, too!

  • miles

    I upgraded using the OTA update, seems to be quicker. But a couple times now its gotten stuck with the screen turned off and I’ve had to hold the power button to turn it off and back on. Maybe it’s an app I have installed but I never had this problem before.

  • Tackhammertime

    Wow what a bad break for a great little phone. Our 2 phones went crazy and us cellular dont know what to do. Guess its time to tell android and us cellular goodby.

  • Scott

    Yep I just spent 2 hours with tech support. all of our electrify 2 business phones updated today and they all will not log onto the shop wifi now. Tech support said we all received corrupted data. (I guess our company wifi is dirty.) they told me I would need to take all the phones by the US Cellular store and leave them so they could try to fix the problem. They will give us loaner phones for the time being. Problem is we running invoice and payment apps on the phones. Loaner phones will need set up for this. What a hassle. Goodby us cellular and android. Hello iPhone and Verizon.

  • Paul Atherton

    I switched to U.S. Cellular because Verizon reception at my rural address was unusable for voice. U.S.C. had a much closer tower. The store recommended the Electrify 2 because it had especially good reception. Indeed, I got 4 sometimes 5 bars in my home, and had a cell phone I could use. That lasted a week. When the Jelly Bean upgrade happened it degraded my reception back to where I had been with Verizon. Support’s response was “an upgrade can affect reception.” Why degrading the very bottom line reason for having a phone would be acceptable in an “upgrade” is beyond me. I’ve tried to learn if this is something that will be fixed, but can’t get a response on that question. They did allow me to turn it in for a new phone, but the solution to preserve my good reception is to not allow the upgrade to Jelly Bean. In fact I’m told to keep the wi-fi turned off to prevent the upgrade. Does anyone here know if this is something they are likely to get fixed or is it just another case of rural users not being numerous enough to cater to? If the phone’s reception still works on major highways and in urban environments where they no doubt live, then that is good enough for them? Meanwhile, I have an excellent phone, except I can’t use its wi-fi capability – I guess ever.

  • ericbart

    After The Upgrade I Was NoLonger Able To Check Data Usage On 3G.I Also Lost The Fm RadioApp So That Feature,WhichEwas The Main Reason For Choosing This Phone,Is Inoperable. Very Dissapointed!

  • Russ

    I’m also having wifi issues on my Motorola electrify m where it constantly drops my connection. All this and I have a brand new Motorola SBG6850 router + modem. I had a complete software re-installation on the phone at US Cellular, but it didn’t solve the problem. I’ve been a loyal US Cellular customer for many years, but I’m starting to get frustrated.