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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 brings firmware to XXDMB6 build

Galaxy Note 2 N7100 has received today a brand new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OTA Update with the XXDMB6 build number. This update has been pushed out to UK and Europe regions and it can be flashed via Samsung KIES or right from your device’s notification panel. The update shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes and you won’t lose any data during the process.

You will receive the update only if you’re running the stock Android operating system. Rooted devices won’t get the OTA Update pushed to their devices and, it it does appear, then it is not recommended to install it. That’s because you might lose important files in the process. Updating a Samsung device is easy when the phone runs on stock firmware as you will simply press several buttons and the new firmware is installed.

This is the latest Jelly Bean OTA Update and you should install it on your device as it will solve several bugs and errors that your phone might’ve features until now.

The XXDMB6 firmware build brings small tweaks over the previous XXDMB5 version. Also, bug fixes are added and some TouchWiz functions and features have been updated. This update is unbranded and it is destined for devices from United Kingdom and European regions. You will be able to update any unlocked Galaxy Note 2 smartphones but, only if you flash it manually using KIES or the ODIN tool. At the end of this post you will find a manual updating tutorial that teaches you how to use Odin and the firmware image file to flash it on your phablet. Note that that’s a guide for advanced Android users and it will work even for rooted phones that are running stock firmware. If your device is currently sporting a custom ROM, then you will be forced to flash a 100% stock Android 4.1.2 JB firmware before flashing the XXDMB6 update.

If you think that you can flash the firmware update without our help, then you can download it from HERE. If you don’t know how to use ODIN then you should follow this link here.

Did you apply the XXDMB6 firmware update for your Galaxy Note 2 N7100 device ? If you did, tell us which parts of your device work better now ? Post your impressions below in the comments field.

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  • galaxy note.

    it says this is for UK, so is that for all networks then!

    • smith

      For unlocked UK devices

      • galaxy note.

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  • chris31jct

    This article is so redundant. It is an updatr of and uodate that updates and includes updates of now updated updates. LOL

  • Specl013

    I dun even wish to update, after update, my note sure to have some problems, and it happen to my newly bought Note 2 after the new update. Sometime couldnt hear my phone ring when friends call, sometime when I answer phone, I couldnt hear what the other party talking. Even when I am at whatapps, want to attached photos and send to my friend, my phone will just hang at the photos gallery for awhile, before I could see the pictures, and etc…

  • i hav a brand new note 2.. and it has android 4.1.1 jelly bean.. i want to update my note2 to 4.1.2.. bt wen i click to software update in my phone it says the latest updates has been installed… why is that??

    • the first time wen i tryed to update the os it said that my phone is modified. nd i removed my external sd card and rebooted my phone..so it became normal.. after that i tryed to update it den it says that latest updates has been installed alredy. bt still it is in android 4.1.1

    • AaronWeigand

      Same with my Phone! My software says 4.1.1 and it says no updates needed. I have a GN2 on Verizon in the US, but i know someone who has one on AT&T and his is up to date with the 4.1.2 android. Ever since the new update was released, i never got a notification to update, but my WiFi dosent work right and it has nothing to do with my blue tooth….whats wrong? Why can’t i update my phone?????

    • Amito

      Not sure but u must visit the Samsung Smartphones outlet..they will help according to ur Software Update…

    • Naqeeb khaksar

      Download Samsung kies and update from pc

      • Jeremy

        How do you update via Samsung Kies. I am trying to do that now but not sure what to do.

  • iftikhar ali

    I liked note2 most of cause battry of this mobile