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Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy Note Is Now Available In Poland

As you probably know the South Korea-based company has officially announced that its first-gen phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note will receive the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update along with the Premium Suite applications package.

It seems though that the firmware update is rolling out sooner than expected, as one of our readers, Novak from Poland, has informed us that he was able to update his Samsung Galaxy Note to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean using KIES.

Hi guys, I thought you’d like to know that Android 4.1.2 is now available in Poland. I was able to download and install the software update on my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 via KIES. I’ll send you some screenshots as soon as I will return home.
Cheers, Novak.

As we told you in a previous article the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy Note brings the Premium Suite pack that debuted o Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The software package contains numerous S-Pen optimized applications and some of the TouchWiz-specific motion controls and features.

The Premium Suite also brings the new Multi View feature that allows you to simultaneously run two apps on the same screen. Once you install Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Note you will also be able to edit the toggles that are displayed in the notification area and you will also get the new Google Now and the buttery-smooth Project Butter.

Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy Note also brings for handwriting in the native email app and S Planner, and improved S Note app.

I remind you that Samsung Galaxy Note was the first phablet of the South Korean phone maker, boasting a dual-core Exynos processor clocked at 1.4 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 16/32/64 GB of internal storage, support for microSD cards, and an 8 megapixel primary camera with full HD video recording capabilities.

We will update this post with screen shots and more details about the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy Note, as soon as we will be able to get in touch with Novak. In the meantime, we’d recommend you to check whether the software update for N7000 is available in KIES or OTA. Has the Android 4.1.2 for Galaxy Note rolled out in your area, yet?

  • Ratul

    Still waiting for the update to roll out in India. It’s really been a long wait.

    • Kishu

      same…. nt arrived in india 🙁 so sad….. been waiting for months now

    • Adi

      Me too 🙁

      • vishesh

        same here

    • Rahul

      Not yet in India… booo hoo… come on samsung… plz hurry up

  • Mark

    ok in germany isn’t the update on the kies programm or via ota on air :/ maybe later or tomorrow morning

  • Ashwin

    Oh My God! Does it really mean that the official rollout has begun? Or is that a leak? Seems like my eyes are true. The official one? Huhhooooo. I was totally going crazy upon this thing. Now got some sweet stuff. Thanks a lot.

  • no updates yet in Nepal…eagerly waiting for it 🙂

  • note freak

    Not yet in India .. neither kies nor OTA.

  • note freak

    Sick n tired of the wait. By the time they come up with the update, google baba is gonna come up with a new update!

  • Rainer Ritzer

    No update in germany

  • Nyc

    No update in Nyc

  • rush

    is Samsung have official release update

  • Where is S2 update? damn

  • Ashwin

    I still can’t believe it. No other sites have reported it yet.

  • me

    BS! No update in Poland!

    • Coltrane

      Unfortunately he is right! No update via Kies in Polan yet! Maybe it was just a short test from Samsung or just fake…

      • Why would Samsung want to do short test ??
        it dosent make sence.
        Guys, i think its FAKE

  • reneh99


  • Nevil

    No. It hasn’t rolled out in india yet. Also if it’s true, then this is the first website to report this. please confirm and get back to us. Also,let is know if its the official one or not. Desperately waiting for my note to run on jelly bean!

  • As everyone knows that europe is always the first to receive the updates…. and poland if m not mistaken got the first glimpse of ICS too….. ths news has a base…… i hope its true….

  • lucas

    you should have seen me jumping for my usb cable. connected it, popped up kies and what? no update. its propably fake or maybe they canceled it for some reason. anyway cant wait for it!

  • No Update in Egypt Yet, Why other website dosent mentioned about the update ?? i think its Fake 🙁
    Cant wait for Jelly Bean 🙁

  • Ziobelloxx

    Guys this is probably a fake cmon …

  • Anthony Ang

    just update to the 4.1.2 jelly bean in malaysia.

    • via kies or ota??

      • amokio

        ota no, kies not yet try

    • Ashwin

      Is that available there in Malaysia?

    • link87

      i dont think so.. try to update but nothing

    • amokio

      brother, yours is Note1 or Note2?

      • i think note2…
        as there is no news of it on other sites..

    • mario

      is there the new touchwiz like s3 and note 2???

  • Ashwin

    Absolutely fake. Not even one other site has reported. Was the update only rolled out to one person in Poland? We are not fools. Don’t try these kind of fake items. If that smart, put the screenshots of the kernel and android version on the site. The one who sent so many info can’t send screenshots? Weird.

  • Managed to upgrade to 4.1.2 on my note 2 using Kies in Singapore last night (i.e. Jan 9). Somehow, the update didn’t show up as on OTA.

    • this article talks about note n7000 and not note 2…..

  • Chipotle Caliente

    No update in Mexico yet. I don’t wear a sombrero.

  • same heare

  • Beny

    Confirmed in Poland. Just got the update notification on my Note 2 via OTA. I will install it after work.

    • We are not Talking about Note2, Its about Note 1

  • zbyszko

    Hi everyone. It”s fake because in Poland we havent update via ota or kies, so you should wait for.official information from samsung. In my opinion country where starting update will Germany. Oh and Novak isnt polish surname…

  • Arslan

    Show us the Screen Shots ..

  • brkica

    PHONES REVIEW also published…

  • Dog

    Just tried OTA and Kies in UK – nothing.

  • jeev

    guys who publish such fake articles should be forever banned from any updates on their devices 😛 😛

  • Adam

    OTAing in Poland as I write this

    • can u post some screen shots…. so we can confirm this…. and we r talkin abt note n7000 and not any other note…..


    FAKE. cant see it being the note 2 and note n7000 at the same time

  • tell truth yes or no……………………………..i can change my country to get update after factory resetting it

  • no images yet…..
    seems lyk d news is fake…..

  • Dim

    No update in Greece too!! :'(

  • this guy (novak) is famous now 😛

  • Sasha

    no update in germany

  • ender

    It’s fake. I’m from Poland and there is no OTA nor KIES update.

  • sasha

    yes update jelly bean in german 00.25 h

  • sasha

    via ota

  • Tanmay

    Eagerly waiting for this in india….and well many other sites have reported this..like sammobile,mobilephonesarena…..etc

  • dorikirod

    Shit….jb will come after jan 13…and germany will get update first…leaked version was dbt and is germany..ao guys….its joke made by some silly person…..

  • bluenova1000

    It’s probably just another Beta push from Samsung as we have already seen in Italy and Germany. I don’t know whether Samsung do this accidently but I suspect they do it on purpose to test the software.

    Hopefully this guy will be able to get it off his phone and to a dev on XDA.

  • ken michelletti

    Samsung is actually just a piece of shit,you see what they have started producing,the sgs2 plus . wouldn’t concentrate on updating the note 1 and sgs2.i am highly disappointed in them

  • NOVAK still not reached home. I am worried for that poor guy. I hope that no one has killed him for the fake post….. ROFL…….

    • he would only reach home after the official news comes out 😛 😛

  • Levent

    I got my Note II updated to 4.1.2 two days ago (10Jan2013). It has the ink effect, multi window, and some other new stuff. But i get a network error msg on s-voice. My phone is from Romania.

  • RB Shah

    Buycheapindia.com selling cheap note 1

  • Zenden

    Just updated my Note 2 with the 4.1.2 update. I am in Malaysia. 240Mb download.

  • seems like samsung gonna update samsung galaxy gt-n7000b to jelly bean soon…as my OTA update gives an error
    “Failed to update firmware due to network or server problem. try software updates via setting>software update>update, or try using pc kies later..”

    THL = THAILAND set 🙂

  • Check this out 😀

    • It might be because you have a really ugly font 😀

  • ashutosh

    Plz update new version

  • Musab Alfarouqi

    Just tried OTA and Kies in JORDAN – nothing

  • Satan

    So, where is the screen shots?

  • what the different between 4.1.2 and 4.1.1?

  • Maryus

    am pus versiunea leak Android 4.1.2 cu multiwindow..este ca la galaxy note 2. nu cred k versiunea oficiala va fi diferita cu mult de varianta leak. de fapt, ma gandesc dak o sa il updatez cu varianta oficiala, mai ales k am instalat pe el aplicatii si nu vreau sa le instalez e la capat. in plus…pana vine in Romania mai e, deci tot prin Odin sau prin recovery mode o sa il pun dak ar fi sa gasesc versiunea din Polonia sau de pe unde mai apare. noi in Romania imbatranim pana ajunge ceva pana la noi…

    • Nu pierzi aplicatiile daca faci update la oficial. Eu iti recomand sa instalezi prin Odin sau Recovery, pentru ca in Romania sigur mai dureaza cel putin o luna pana vine update-ul.

  • busted

    fake news, fake article. 412 was never rolled out as official so far. in any country
    it is a shame you dont check your info before posting…

    • Check the other comments. There are a lot of people who received the update.

  • andy

    galaxy note n7000 jelly bean update not yet released in Singapore!!!

  • Mel

    In Singapore we have no update yet I hope we could get it in the earliest time if possible… Cheers 🙂

  • drkeshav

    Just now tried to update my Note to Jellybean. No luck. Hope Samsung takes some quick action. I am in India.

  • yeah me toooooooooooooooooooooooo………………

  • sirath

    4.1.2 has arrived today for S3 today. But what bout the Note N 7000….this is taking a lot more than expected deadline now….

  • ashok

    not arrived yeat in malaysia.