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Android 4.2.1 OTA update for Google Nexus 10 Available Now

Earlier, we’ve told you that an official update for Nexus 4 has been released, and it seems like the same OTA Update is also available fore the Google Nexus 10 tablet device. This update will take your device to the Android 4.2.1 and it brings several new improvements and fixes for you to benefit from a better Jelly Bean experience.

At the moment, there is no confirmation that this update might be available for the other Nexus devices, Nexus 7 tablet or the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. However, keep an eye on our website for updates on the Nexus 7 OTA update.

This new Android 4.2.1 comes only a few weeks after the launch of the first Android 4.2 Jelly Bean firmware and, the main fixes that it brings are the ‘December bug’ being removed and some improvements added to Bluetooth functions. There is no changelog but these were reported on several forums over the Internet.

Android 4.2.1 OTA update has the JOP40D firmware number and it brings the latest Google OS for your device. Note that you can update your tablet by opening Settings, then About tablet menu and after that you have to check the info listed under the ‘System Updates’ option. If there is no push notification listed for Android 4.2.1 then the only thing is to wait until you receive the OTA notification or you can wait until a ‘manual update’ guide will be available.

The December Bug has been fixed and now the month can be seen in People app, which allows users to add birthdays and any other events they want. Also, the Bluetooth function has been fixed and it should be much more stable than it was on the Android 4.2 firmware. If you find any new features then you should leave a comment. However, the OTA update file measure only 1.1MB in size and this means that there aren’t any other improvements.

I’m sure that this update was released only to fix the December bug in time before we hit the 1st of December. With this release it means that Google is still working on the Android 4.2 and you should expect new versions and firmware upgrades to be launched until 2012 ends.

Did the Android 4.2.1 OTA firmware update come out for your Google Nexus 10? And if it did, tell us in comments if it solved the former Android 4.2 bugs.

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