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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean official update leaked for Galaxy Note N7000

Fortunately for all Galaxy Note users, it seems like Samsung is almost ready to release the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA update. We just got another leak of the official ROM and it seems to be pretty stable, according to developers.

Unfortunately it’s not yet flashable by a casual user, though developers are working on it and we will probably get an usable version in a couple of days. The Jelly Bean update comes with all ICS features, along with Android 4.1 stock features and also the ones from Galaxy S3, except Multi Window.

Samsung made it pretty clear that all Galaxy Note devices will get the Jelly Bean update by the end of the year and it seems like they are going to keep their promise. Hopefully carriers won’t hold them back as they do most of the time. Usually carriers delay the update releases, because it takes them time to customize it themselves and add the extra bloatware, which everyone hates anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really anxious to get the taste of Jelly Bean on my Note, as I’ve been struggling with unstable custom builds for the last months and miss the official apps. But it’s sad considering that Google is probably going to release Android 4.2 by the same time Samsung releases the Jelly Bean OTA update for Galaxy Note.

Hopefully Samsung and the other carriers will work harder to bring the updates faster, as this is probably the worst thing about Android.

Once a flashable version gets released, we will give it a try and let you know how to flash it easily through a guide.

Take a look at the video below to see it running:

via XDA.

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  • NEXUS#1!!!!!1111

    You said this is “the worst thing about Android.” How is this an Android problem? 4.1 and 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 have been out for a while. It’s samsung/your carrier’s fault for the delay. Get a nexus device if you don’t want a delay in updates.

  • CalcPrgmr1

    I’ve been enjoying CM10 on my i717 for months, as with ICS it’s a ‘too little, too late’ case for me. I hate TouchWiz anyways and Memo/Papyrus make up for not having S-Note.

  • if its same battery life with jellybean on my note.. then im upgrading to note 2 🙂

    • Asif

      Dont even dream about getting a battery life of what you are getting right now in ICS. Jelly bean drains batt like anything .. i am on test mode on leaked jelly bean … 🙁

      • Dam dude i might as well upgrade to Galaxy Note 2 if thats the case ??? Also im finding it a bit difficult to let go of my Gnote 🙁 The display is flawless i seen people saying in videos the whites are better on the Galaxy note 2 compared to the Galaxy Note not with mine the OLED display is flawless its white levels are good as the Note 2 if not better…

  • raj

    N7000 jelly bean releas date

  • cosinav

    The drawback a lot of users find with Android are the delays in updates! Why? Because its open source, free and the result is heavy fragmentation. If every device manufacturer had no customisation over the OS and had to stay with the stock skin for their devices, they wouldn’t even want to bother with making an Android device! Thus Android could not have the kind of market share it has today and no way with just Google & Nexus device could this have been done. So, the worst thing about Android isn’t the manufacturer/carrier but rather the fact the the cause does stem down to how it originated.

  • Asif

    Bieng using the leaked version of Jelly Bean for N7000, I am pretty happy with all the extra features on it. I am only dissapointed with the battery life. Even after disabling many features and Apps still the battery drains faster.

    • Shyam

      From where and how can i get JB update for N7000

    • raj

      its true…u get only half of ics battery

  • Antonio

    shitty customizations

  • R351ST4CN3

    Can you flash a N7000 firmware on N7000B device?
    Any ETA on the N7000B official stock firmware 4.1?

  • king

    I am over Samsung. Their hardware is not so reliable and their post sale support is terrible. But they are the most innovative. Hence they seems to be releasing a new phone every month. I am big fan of the qwerty keyboard. Since I cant find that.. will have to go with bigger screen. So HTC Butterfly. Here I come…. bye bye note!

  • when will galaxy note N7000 get jelly bean update.can u say the release date plzzz