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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA Update to be launched in March for the Motorola Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX

The official OTA Update of Android 4.1.x JB for the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX is near and we can guesstimate that it will be ready in March. This means that the Verizon users of these phones should be happy now that the official JB update will be released for their devices.

It will still come late compared to the other carriers and manufacturers that already pushed the final Android 4.1.x OTA update for their respective devices. The news comes from the Motorola web site as they’ve changed it and now you can sort the devices by region, carrier so that you can easily get the estimated release dates of the final Android 4.1 OTA update.

Now, your device will get the update but you should know that for that to happen you will need to be on a stock Android device, as the OTA update notifications will not be pushed for customized devices that are rooted or having any other changes done. Motorola has invited users to join their Feedback Network so that more and more users will be able to test early previews of the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. That’s the source for this news and if the testing phase is successful then the final Androd 4.1 Jelly Bean Update will get the approval from Motorola and Verizon users of the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX can finally begin to smile.

Hopefully, Motorola will stick to the schedule and we will get to see the Jelly Bean OTA Update rolled out before March ends. The Motorola Android Software Upgrades web page here features all the phones from Verizon and you simply need to select the device to see exactly when the final Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware will be released. Visit that page if you own a Motorola device so that you will be prepared for when the new OS is ready for the official release.

Tell us in comments if you’re excited about these news and whether or not you will upgrade your Droid RAZR or Droid RAZR MAXX on the first day after the Jelly Bean 4.1 Update is rolled out. If you’re running a custom ROM, do you intend to return to stock or you prefer the latest ROMs that are based on newer Android OS versions?