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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Galaxy S2 Detailed

The Samsung Galaxy S2 owners were expecting the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to drop sometime in November 2012, but after a delay, the South Korea-based phone maker is apparently ready to roll out the software update for SGS2. Just when we thought that Samsung has forgotten about the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S2, the Asians posted today the software upgrade features on its official website.

The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 announcement specifies that you will need Kies in order to be able to upgrade your device and that the structure of the internal memory will change. Therefore the storage will shrink from 12 GB to 11 GB, with 1 GB now occupied by the new system files.

Moreover, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S2 will come with performance improvements, the impressive Google Now, and other goodies like Smart Stay, Multi View, Easy mode and Blocking Mode.

It seems tough that, for the time being, the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean firmware update is only available for the South Korea varaint of the terminal, and that it hasn’t rolled out OTA, yet.

You should keep in mind that the web post was made by Samsung South Korea, therefore the announcement it’s only available on the local market.

I am eager to see how Multi View will look and run on Samsung Galaxy S2 and what exactly “performance improvements” mean. I guess that the Samsung Galaxy S2 owners in other areas than South Korea will still have to wait a couple of weeks until the software update hits their devices.

Have you received the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update on your Samsung Galaxy S2, yet? Please report in the comments section below.

  • Ryan

    I’ve got the Samsung galaxy S2 GT-I9100P on o2 in the UK and still haven’t got it.

  • Venkata

    When it will hit in Canada??? cannot wait so long 🙁

  • milkyyy

    Can’t wait for it in lithuania. ;)))

  • Rynutz/R.I.

    Have the epic 4g touch from sprint. When should I expect this update that I’ve been waiting forever for? I only see posts about the gt-series phone and not the d710??

    • Unfortunately, the carrier-locked terminals like the one you currently own will be the last ones to get the firmware update…

    • Christopher

      There’s an official leak via odin if your interested my friend got it I’m so jealous I have Hercules for tmobile

  • Shaheer

    Cant wait for it to come in PAKISTAN.

  • sandy

    Eagerly waiting for it in India!!!

  • Waiting in Nigeria.

  • Vladimir

    Still waiting in Macedonia ….

  • imad

    still waiting in isreal..

  • munshi…

    still waiting in libya…

  • Hakan

    still waiting in Turkiye…

  • akif zeb

    Still.waiting in pakistan

  • Jose Lucas

    still waiting in Fort Lauderdale Florida USA!!!

  • Riaan

    Also waiting in South Africa… (RSA)

  • Alexis

    stil waiting for it in Serbia

  • ben

    still waiting in canada

  • Dr.Q

    Waiting…Sultanate of Oman

  • Kushal Jaju


    • bob noodle

      vaiting in india?

  • Khurram

    have been waiting since November ……..Samsung is too lazy

  • Astronaut

    Waiting on Mars

  • Mike

    Waiting in England

  • MariussDany

    waiting in Romania

  • schenzez 0n9

    haven’t received any latest updt for 4.1v. Hope it launch sooner …from MY


    waiting in PHILIPPINES


      I only got 4.0.4 update for my s2

  • Arunas

    Still waiting in Lithuania (Europe)

  • andrews

    i got 4.1.2 update and its awesome

  • andrews

    i got 4.1.2 update am from poland its aweome

  • andrews

    i got 4.1.2 update am from poland its awesome

  • Kornkanok

    Thailand waiting too.

  • Jesus of Gothenburg

    still waiting in Sweden…

  • tony

    Waiting in MALAYSIA !! thanks ~

  • Simon

    Still waiting in Ireland (Vodafone)

  • Mamethis

    In France … still waiting !

  • kmk

    Still waiting in palestine

  • Ju

    Awaiting in Singapore!

  • rawan Dugom

    Waiting in jordan!

  • karol

    waiting in poland still

  • jose

    no more waiting!!! galaxy nexus jelly bean 4.2.1 best android ever

  • Gigel Frone

    waiting in Romania

  • Jeloe01

    Waiting in leon gto mexico

  • max spqr

    Right here waiting…in Romania. My S2 was purchased from Orange and has an original rom from UK, unbranded. Or so I’ve been told.

  • alien behind astronaut

    waiting on mars too

  • jmdelap

    Waiting in the USA and we will prob be waiting forever:)

  • Ray

    Still waiting in India.

  • Schwarz

    Waiting in Brazil

  • Isigidi

    And Africa (South) will be last to get…….. per usual.

  • mert

    Turkey waiting

  • Nibbs

    Hello to all of you people around the world i am from the UK and have not got the update ether. My son got the update on his galaxy s2 tablet.

  • akki

    waitin in india

  • noob

    Australia Vodafone, please rush this update to my phone, PLEASE

  • Tareen

    Why you all waiting for you can enjoy meanwhile good food sunny day and party.? I hahaha s2 will be numbers 2

  • user

    waiting with my s2..

  • Germ

    just got it today for tmobile on east coast

  • MikeyG

    Waiting in Colorado USA on unlocked/unbranded international GT-i9100 GS2

  • Waiting in EGYPT

  • levent

    turkey waiting please come jelly bean:(

  • BGood2

    Waiting for Godot….

  • Michael

    Waiting in Baltimore, MD.

    • machosgirl

      I say we start a petition and send it to Samsung and let them know we’re tired of this s*#t!!!!

  • abdul hannan

    will it be for all s2 models? like s2 hd lte so will i also recieve that update?

  • abdul hannan

    waiting in Pakistan…

  • Dave

    Waiting for the samSUNg here in Saskatoon, too.

  • Ahamedos

    ???????From Japan.
    & Still waiting from Saudi Arabia.

  • Waiting in Maldives

  • ayham

    I am trying but they put no update find

  • mok

    Waiting in malaysia

  • AseeL

    WaiTin’ iN iNDia…….///

  • Wes

    waiting waiting… come on Samsung!

  • umm.. waiting for it !! from earth jupitor pluto(its cold here) mars(too hot) venus(loving the gods dam sexy..

  • machosgirl
  • seng

    Waiting in cambodia

  • nadkj;glnaer

    Waiting in England preparing to teleport to Korea for the update.

  • Jos

    Waiting in the Netherlands….

  • Rabbathehutt

    Stll waiting in Scotland

  • wayneDal24

    been waiting what seems like forever in the UK!

  • Khurram

    Samsung has finally announced that it will roll out jelly bean update in early Feb
    check out this link :http://www.google.com/search?q=jelly+bean+update+for+galaxy+s2&hl=en&gs_l=mobile-heirloom-hp.12..0j0i30l3j0i8i30.3409.23531.0.24741.…0.0…1c.1.WMqiK4_w2Cg&oq=jelly+bean+update+for+galaxy+s2

  • luke skywalker

    Jelly Bean in a galaxy far far far far away
    clearly the force isn’t with samsung

  • bond

    How is the battery life on jelly bean

  • Ian Chin Yeong Peng

    when will be available in Malaysia???

  • me

    Update for Philippines is up! I haven’t upgraded yet though. Maybe tomorrow..

  • me lee

    still waiting

  • santosh

    waiting in the India

  • Aamir Malik

    Still waiting ?…

  • Abdullah

    Waiting for update in Pakistan……… Samsung very slow……

  • Ricki Horomidis

    Still waiting in Australia, probably wont get it till the U.S AND UK get it.

  • Lejoel

    waiting in UAE

  • Kyler

    Have not received my Jelly Bean update yet

  • Johan Sterk

    Received in The Netherlands over OTA

  • vineshvijayan

    I got jelly bean update on my Samsung galaxy s2…………it s amazing …..thnku……vry much……….

  • brian

    Just got Jelly Bean on Galaxy S2 on O2 network, but it doesn’t seem to allow incoming Call Barring, ie won’t allow a blacklist, but will only allow whitelist. So if the whitelist is activated I am unable to receive a call from new friends unless I manually include them on the whitelist first.