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Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean Update for ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 Now Available

Jut like the title says the Android 4.2.1 Jelly update for ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 is now rolling out for the 10.1-inch tablet, making it the first non-Nexus tablet to make the jump to Android 4.2.

The Taiwan-based company shows us one more time that it does care about its customers, and after ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 became the first device outside the Nexus tribe to run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the company also rolled out the new firmware update pretty fast.

The ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 is one of the best-selling Android-powered tablets on the market, and now, after ASUS officially announced that the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update is ready for roll out, I am sure that its customers don’t regret their decision.

Even though the Taiwanese company didn’t mentioned in the press statement what Android version we are talking about the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update for ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 as the users that already installed it on their tablets are reporting.

Even though the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean doesn’t bring any major interface improvements, I am sure that the tablet users will enjoy the new features like Daydream and Multiple Accounts, especially if the tablet is shared by a family. Of course, the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update for ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 brings the usual bug fixes and performance and stability improvements.

The Taiwan-based company said that the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update for ASUS Transformer PAD TF300 will be available OTA, and that the users living on US territory will be the first to receive it.

We don’t know yet when the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity and the newer ASUS tablets will receive the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update, but we are pretty sure that it shouldn’t be too far away.

In case you forgot the ASUS Transfromer Pad TF300 comes with a 10.1-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz with ULP Geforce graphics, 16/32 GB of internal storage (microSD cards supported), and an 8 megapixel camera on the back with autofocus and full HD video recording.

Have you received the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean update on your ASUS Transformer Pad TF300? Please report in the comments section below.

  • Tom

    I received it yesterday here in Valencia, Spain and immediately my hdmi audio stopped functioning! Chatting with ASUS tech who told me to reset to factory spes. That sucks – can’t afford to lose everything at the moment just to get audio to work again.


    • ??????? ????????????

      Hello Tom, received the update last night in greece, I lost audio from HDMI too, reset to factory did NOT fix the issue, also for some weird reason I experience sudden reboots, even after clean reset without sd cards in the slots and even wifi turned off.

      • Dragos Galben

        this looks like a warranty issue.. I don’t have these problems after the update. From Romania.

        • Paul

          Did not yet receieve the update for TF300…still checking every day, no luck yet. Do not have a HDMI cable so I won’t be able to test the HDMI sound issue although I am concerned about the battery issues stated in comments above which say that baterry time is reduced.

  • I Haven’t had the update yet. I’m living in the Netherlands!

  • gregchak

    Got it today. 4.2.1 VA, USA

  • appleap

    Hi I have a tf300 and I live in Canada and didn’t receive the update yet when will I get it please tell me

    • apple sucks sorry

      I live too in Canada and have received it this morning

  • Angel

    I live in Mexico and received the update, and believe me stability and performance are really enhanced.

  • SprintTDI

    Update noted today!:-) Seems a little snappier… you are prompted if you want to use new launcher or retain old… new sounds and keyboard… still playing but so far like and glad to receive update! Very good to know that your device is still able to get updates! Unlike my moto that I expected to get 4.0!-(

  • obrl97

    I’m in the USA. Read this article and went to the system update and started downloading. Multiple user accounts are nice and like another poster noted the performance seems snappier. It’s not automatic; you have to go to Settings->About tablet-> System update to initiate the download. I definitely don’t regret getting the Asus.

  • Kenneth R Leitch

    Yes. It works well.

  • After going with Motorolla for my last android device and waiting for their update schedule, I was very happy to finally get something early. Happy with Asus’s support in general. Also Recieved the update in nicaragua!

  • Lisa from Indiana

    I installed this on my TF300T this morning. Very easy update. Didn’t choose the new launcher because I’m happy with the existing one – but glad to know there are now options.

    Connectivity to my wireless network seems much more stable. Used to be a lot on buffering on YouTube video – not anymore.

    I’m so happy Asus is at least trying to stay current on Android releases – 1 behind doesn’t bother me much.

    • threesticks

      updating as I type this. good news about the wireless. fingers crossed. biggest issue encountered

  • Mal

    I just installed this on my TF300T, it looks very nice!

  • TomDib

    Installed today on TF300T – Still Evaluating but has some nice new features. Seems to have a problem with the Clock, Loses time by several minutes (reported by other folks also) – hope fix available soon !

  • The new Launcher is so much faster then the previous, but the loss of tablet placed buttons (replaced with an oversized cell phone style bar) as well as the dock row make it worse in the long run. Cool new features though.

  • Lost the fun camera effects and the shortcuts in the file manager after the update to 4.2.1 on my Asus TF300T, also battery seems to be draining faster. Daydream is cool. Did not like loosing my app folders.

  • jony

    installed the update and it caused a problem with the hdmi connection…it doesnt run videos on the tv’s full screen, it has black margines on both sides…how can this be fixed?

  • Billy C.

    Installed it this morning and now I have no sound when I play movies on my flatscreen with the hdmi cable, I never had a problem before this update. It also diplays the menu bar on the bottom, it won’t fade away like it used to after a few seconds like the old update.
    I sure hope there is an update coming soon to fix the bugs, cause I’m ready to ditch this POS!!!!!

  • did this update comes with photo sphere?

  • Jess

    I chatted with Asus this morning via their online chat support and this was the first time they had heard of this issue. I am having the same problem with the hdmi audio. They suggested doing a factory reset (with backing up my data so I could retrieve), but I haven’t tried it yet. Seems like it won’t work anyway?

  • Wilberth LeMaître

    I installed it this morning. I am having the same issue with the audio by HDMI.

  • Bob

    Mine is also not playing the audio out.

  • John

    Same problem with HDMI and battery.

  • Fridaynigh

    Got the update a couple days ago. Having the same audio problem with HDMI output. The screen resolution looks strange on TV too. There’s black space on both top and bottom margin. Wish I could go back…

    • Dragos Galben

      .. it looks like is not scaling the video to the TV’s size, it keeps it to the tablet’s size.. I have it too.. it’s annoying.

  • Pedro

    The update worked fine, but I lost the camera’s fun effects. I had them before the update and used them all the time…maybe next update they’ll put them back and hopefully we won’t lose other good stuff?

  • Jess

    Just got a message from asus customer service that they have issued a patch for this problem with new firmware. Here is the exact message from Asus “We
    actually JUST released a new firmware for the HDMI fix for the TF300T.
    For your reference, the firmware is V10.6.18. Please verify and update
    to that firmware if you have yet to do so, you can check and update via
    Apps->Settings->About tablet and System update. If there is no
    current update please try again for the next couple of days.”

    I haven’t tried it yet, but hoping it works.

    • Dragos Galben

      Unfortunately that firmware code is exactly the 4.2 update, the one that causes problems. On their website they have no other.

      • Jess

        I figured that out last night after checking for an update. I have let Asus know that the update they say they released to fix the problem is actually the one that has caused our problems.

        • Dragos Galben

          .. in that case, pretty pls keep us posted too. I have submitted the problem to Asus support, but it seems they are more prompt in US and few other countries and since I’m in none of those.. I’d be curios if they even acknowledge it and if they have a fix. Thank you.

          • Jess

            They have not admitted there is a problem. I am not thrilled with the service. I am just waiting to hear back from them, but other message boards are full of people like us who have this issue.

          • Dragos Galben

            Thank you. I’ve got a similar answer too:
            “Your case is being escalated to our Developer Technical Support group. The Developer team will review the case notes and may attempt to recreate the issue, find a solution, or a workaround if possible. As this process may take some time we ask that you be patient.”

            .. wonder how they tested this, since besides this, I’ve also got some rendering artifacts showing up in some apps (like triangles on half the screen) for about 2 sec and then they disappear which makes it impossible to capture them. It looks to me like it’s a video driver problem. We’ll wait I guess.

  • Just updated to 4.2. Lost gesture typing, cannot remove the typing sound although in settingss it is off. Gesture is on but does not work. Don’t know about hdmi as I did not try it. I really hate the clicking sounds…
    I live in Malta, Europe

  • droidsg

    I just updated my TF300 to 4.2.Work flawlessly.So far no bug.The camera UI also have change and you get the option to switch between 4.2 or 4.1 launcher .

    • Jess

      Have you tested your HDMI output

      • droidsg

        Not yet.Is there any problem with the HDMI out?

        • Jess

          Yes. Read all the comments and you will see. It is a very common problem on lots of forums. There is no sound with HDMI for many people.

  • mike

    i received the update and its pretty amazing and madly smooth. thanks Asus.

    • Jess

      Did you check your HDMI output?

  • ldenetclaw

    Had 4.1.1, really enjoyed how quick it was at loading apps and browser and internet speed. Got 4.2.1 and tablet slowed down. Freezes up and is slower overall. Have had to restart multiple times. Locked up once, took over a minute to restart. Frustrating. Have to use performance setting to get near performance of the 4.1.1 in economy mode. As far as hdmi, I don’t have a cord. Hope it gets fixed before I get to use it.

    • Carl Kalbfleisch

      I am having the same problems. Very frustrated. This used to be the best tablet. Now it is just frustraining. So slow.

  • I Have not received the 4.2.1 jelly bean update as of April 4th

  • I just bought this tablet, Asus TF700, a few days ago. Loved it when it had the OEM 4.0 installed. Upgraded to 4.1 after a few updates. Was working fine but then saw their was another update which took me to 4.2.1. Ever since this last update, I haven’t been happy and I’m even considering returning the product and picking out another tablet and see if I have the same issues with it being slow in some spots. Sometimes it just freezes for a few seconds and then suddenly, it starts to work again. It’s as if the CPU clock had stopped when the new page was blending in. It’s no wonder why Apply has made such huge success because Android developers continue to build crappy software and kernel upgrades. I don’t like Apple’s policies which is why I don’t own any Apple products. Just wish someone would come out with an absolutely undeniably solid Android OS just as Apple has done for their products!

    • Emilio Castrillejo

      Exactly my problem, I tought that any the applications I had installed could be the cause, but I never seriously suspected that the update by the provider could be the problem.

  • flipjetiel

    I have an ASUS TF 300 and my wife has one. She received the upgrade 4.2 but up till now I haven’t. When do I get it ?

  • Jess

    New firmware released yesterday…fixed the problems I was having. I had also come across an issue where the USB drive was not being recognized.
    Nice job Asus.

  • Pascal

    Hello No more internet with simcard after android update only wifi Can anyone help me please?

  • farrokh

    HATE IT !!! I Mainly use my tablet for communication .. apps like: viber, ovoo, ymessenger, etc … after update all of these apps have VOICE PROBLEMS !!! My contacts say that my voice is aweful and they cannot here and recognize what i’m telling !!!!

  • MattIJAllan

    Mine is constantly freezing and just overall annoying, Also have the same problem with HDMI output.

  • BoggyBoy

    Tried to update and it told me error after it downloaded and said that it was up to date but it still registers as 4.1.1. Any ideas?

  • Matt

    Updated to 4.2.1 and my tablet would just freeze and crash, After a few days I couldn’t take it and got it sent in for repairs because it was just ridiculous…

  • myra

    I updated my asus transformer tf300t to 4.2..the first week i like it and i am very happy,,but after a few weeks i got problem. Wifi automatic switch off,,,i must switch off my tablet then back to normal..other problem is the spacebar sometimes i must press two times,,its so frustrating..

  • Mitko

    I just rereceived the update hell yea asus tf300t

  • Richard G. Ritter

    Painless update. No issues yet, been up several hours. My apps seem to all be stable.

  • val

    How d o i recieve the jelly bean update where do i go on the tablet to update my OS can someone help me

  • terri

    want to change date but keeps going back to original date

  • Pissed Off

    I use to be able to connect to my cell phone with blue tooth and use the 4g internet but can not get it to work now with new update. I had just discovered that I could use my phone for the internet 2 days before update and now can not connect it and it kinda sucks now that it doesn’t work. What’s up ASUS with the bugs?