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Android 4.2.1 JOP40D Firmware OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Nexus ‘yakju’ is now live

Yesterday, we saw the release of Android 4.2.1 OTA update for the ‘takju’ variant of Galaxy Nexus and now the other GNex model, the ‘yakju’ got its own OTA update notification. It has the same JOP40D firmware version and it’s only a small update that doesn’t bring too many changes for your phone.

The Android 4.2.1 JOP40D is the latest firmware of Jelly Bean OS and it has been launched before the end of this month so that users on Android 4.2 JOP40C will get their December bug fixed. The ‘yakju’ variant of Galaxy Nexus is the International GSM variant that is sold worldwide, while the ‘takju’ one is the model sold exclusively in the Google US Play Store.

Besides the December bug fix, JOP40D Jelly Bean 4.2.1 Firmware update will fix some Bluetooth errors and add some new enhancements to your phone’s UI. The battery life with this new version doesn’t improve and you might still experience some reboots and performance problems. This is only a small update and it measures only 1.1MB. For more improvements you will have to wait until the new OTA update will be launched, which we hope to include more features and enhancements for the already present Jelly Bean features.

It is an update that can be easily installed if you received the OTA notification. If you didn’t saw the alert on your device, then you should open ‘Settings’, then ‘About phone’ and check the ‘System updates’ option. However, if your device doesn’t show the alert, then you will need to use our own guide here and learn how to flash the Android 4.2.1 JOP40D firmware OTA update using the manual method.

Test the new firmware and tell in comments if you found any other new feature or in case you noticed that some applications/ stock features have been improved. Note that this update works only with stock Android 4.2.1 JOP40C firmware and you won’t be able to install it if you’re device is running another ROM.


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