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7-inch ASUS tablet with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Caught at Bluetooth SIG

The guys at Mobile Leaks have spotted an Asus branded device that has not been announced yet at the Bluetooth SIG. What’s more interesting is the fact that the device seems to be running Android 4.3, a version of Google’s operating system that is yet to be launched.

The handset is a 7-inch tablet called the K008, and if we are to believe the Bluetooth SIG docs, it runs software version JWR11, which is rumored to be an early version of Android 4.3.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any more details about the matter except for the information present in the description, which says that the Asus K008 is sporting a 7-inch LED-blacklit capacitive display and has Wi-Fi connection capabilities.

Anyway, the K008 is clearly a codename, but sadly we don’t know of which tablet are we talking about here. But we can assume that it might be the next generation Nexus 7 considering the size of the display. While we can’t really know for sure, we can also add the fact that the Nexus 7 has been recently spotted in the Bluetooth SIG, also running the JWR11 software version, thus we might actually be talking about the same tablet here. However, there is one difference between the two devices, the model number, which for the Nexus 7 was ME370T, which is not even close to what we have here today.

If we look back, earlier this year another Asus was seen in the FCC logs. The tablet’s model number was also K008, but it was a 10-incher, if I can recall.

All in all, if we gather all this information, we can only presume that the tablet, or tablets, will be launched during this summer.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to tell us your opinion about the matter in the comments section below.