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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA Update for T-Mobile HTC One Now Available

T-Mobile HTC One has received the Android 4.3 JB official OTA Update. The new software version should hit all devices in phases by the end of October, which was already scheduled for some time. Use the Software Update section of your device to check for new firmware availability.

Android 4.3 software update comes with version 3.24.531.3 and it measures 560MB. There are tons of new improvements and features installed with the latest update, so that you’ll get the best Jelly Bean experience on your T-Mobile HTC One. Android 4.3 Jelly Bean comes with tweaks for low-light camera performance, support for new lockscreen widgets, quick settings panel shown in notification bar, OpenGL ES 3.0 that is the default standard for graphics performance, TRIM support for internal storage.

Also, the HTC Sense UI has received fixes for various bugs and errors, tweak that should offer you a smoother experience when switching between screens and applications. Before starting the update you should make sure that the T-Mobile HTC One is connected to a Wi-Fi networks to avoid mobile data consumption. It should have at least 50% power left in its battery so that the device won’t switch off in the middle of the updating process.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean software version 3.24.531.3 OTA Update for T-Mobile HTC One is available starting today. It will be pushed to your phone’s notification panel or you can choose to manually search for it by opening All apps menu, then Settings, click About and finally tap on Software Updates. If there is a new software update available, then click OK.

When the download is complete tap the System Update notification and confirm the process. The phone will reboot and start installing the latest update files. After Android 4.3 JB build version 3.24.531.3 is flashed your device will boot in normal mode. If your device didn’t get the update, then you shouldn’t panic as it is released in phases and it will eventually arrive.

Did you get the new OTA Update to Android 4.3 for your T-Mobile HTC One? If you did, then tell us in comments if there are any major improvements from the previous firmware.