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Android 4.3 OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305 Now Available for Download

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update in now being officially pushed to the owners of the LTE-enabled variant GT-I9305. It’s the first time in a while when the Galaxy S3 receives a major software update, as the high-end smartphone released by the Korean company in 2012 was, until now, stuck on Android 4.1.2 because, for some reason, Samsung decided to skip Android 4.2.2.

Samsung had a previous attempt to push the Android 4.3 update to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 terminals in early November, but the firmware update was soon pulled back over some serious issues that were affecting the performance of the devices. Fortunately, the all the issues were fixed and the Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update has been resumed.

If you’re wondering what are a few of the important changes brought by the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305, hear that once you install the new firmware you will be able to enjoy the Galaxy S4 interface elements along with the new tabbed Settings menu, Galaxy Gear support, Daydream, improved notifications are with actionable notifications, improved lockscreen with multiple widgets, Adapt Display and Professional Photo modes, camera improvements and new mode called South and Shot. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t implement KNOX in the Android 4.3 update for Samsung Galaxy S3.

The new firmware also brings performance-related improvements like TRIM support, updated GPU drivers, move-to-SD-card feature, along with the new Samsung keyboard, revised Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Gallery, and Music apps, Daydream, Driving Mode, and the new S-Voice from Galaxy S4.

As usual, the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Android 4.3 update is being rolled out in stages, so some of you might not be able to download and install it right away. If the system update message didn’t pop up in the notification area yet, you know the drill: got Settings > About phone > System update > Check for updates and perform a manual check. Alternatively you can grab the USB cable and check for the update via KIES.

If you choose to update you Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305 to Android 4.3 over-the-air, you should know that the update file weighs around 500 MB, therefore it’s recommended to download it using a stable WiFi network.

Has any of you guys updated your Galaxy S3 LTE to Android 4.3? Please let us know in comments.

  • Colorado Stumped

    Updated but has issues. It shows old downloads, you clear it of notifications then it re appears. Did hard re-set then removed and re-installed batt. nothing works to get rid of this glitch. Trying to research it but have found no remedies….

    • Juan Flores

      I had the same problem but I left pressed on one of them and press ” app info ” then just turn off the notification and the all download will be gone. As right now nothing pop out.

      • Greg Holloway

        I did the same. But does this turn off all notifications? Does anyone have a better fix? This sucks.

        • Jeniffer

          Tap the “Apps” button, scroll to “downloads” and tap it. There should be a clear list option and once you hit clear list the downloads showing in the notifications bar should be gone.

    • Dominic Dpatts Patti

      I have the same issue

  • Jacob Bresnahan

    They must have been paying attention to Microsoft, take all the things you like change them, then add a bunch of stuff you don’t want and make it work horribly with the apps you have, including things like just using the internet, I loved this phone until I installed this latest update!

    • Jacob Bresnahan

      Update, just realized they force you into the new Google maps Beta which is terrible, got rid of the NAVIGATION APP which really sucks as I now have to find all the saved addresses and there is no “Home” button so I have to type my address in every time… can I go back to the way it was….

  • Melissa Miko

    I’m in Connecticut, usa. Hasnt been rolled out/available for me yet.

  • Nick Rivers

    I updated my s3 and its amazing! The weird part is that my fiance also has the s3 (we bought it at the same time as a bogo offer) and hers didn’t update. She didn’t get the prompt. So now I’m wondering how to fix her phone or update it.

    • Nick Rivers

      OK so I found out what to do. I was able to upgrade my fiances gs3 by first making sure all apps are updated in her play store. Then I went to settings>application manager>all>Google services framework>cleared data>then turned off phone for 5 minutes>turned on phone>repeat steps>then after data cleared in application manager went to settings again and under system update and then>presto! It worked. 🙂 hope it helps.

  • Colonel Custard

    Does anyone know when the 4.3 update will be available for Vodacom customers in South Africa?

  • Fasil Kadar

    Hi Guys… I have Galaxy S3 baseband version I9300XXEMA5 borrowed from Oman, Now i am in india.. i not getting 4.3 update… its saying latest version have installed.. Plase help me

  • pasha

    I have S3 i9305 Vietnam device ..but I am unable to update my phone for 4.3..in kies it is showing ur device current firmware can’t not be upgraded via kies…but ota is showing latest update have already been installed. ..
    So plz solve my problem