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Leaked Android 4.3 N7100XXUEMK4 Update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Now Available for Download

As you probably know, Samsung is busy bringing the Android 4.3 update on its Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 2 smartphones. While the first two already received the new firmware, the official Android 4.3 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is still nowhere to be found.

Gladly, the folks at Sammobile have gotten their hands on an Android 4.3 test build (labelled N7100XXUEMK4) for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which can be downloaded and flashed on your N7100 handset.

Samsung will reportedly roll out the Android 4.3 update for Galaxy Note 2 starting next week, but it is rumored that some users might start receiving the new firmware in the next couple of days. Even though we’ve previously seen Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 builds hitting the web, N7100XXUEMK4 is almost identical to the final version of the software, so you will not be missing any feature or UI changes. The post N7100XXUEMK4 Android 4.3 builds will only bring a couple of improvements and bug fixes.

The same publication writes that the Android 4.3 N7100XXUEMK4 build for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is “pretty stable,” and that it will bring Galaxy S4/Note 3 interface elements, most of the software features and functions introduced by Galaxy S4/Note 3, Samsung Knox, and Samsung Wallet.

You can download the Android 4.3 N7100XXUEMK4 update for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from here, then use Odin to flash it on your device. Anyway, we are advising you to proceed with caution, as we can not be held responsible in any way if you end up damaging your device.

A tutorial that will teach you how to flash leaked Android 4.3  N7100XXUEMK4 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 will be ready in a couple of hours, so stick with us.

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