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Android 4.4.2 KitKat OTA Update for Sony Xperia Z1 Now Available Worldwide

After they announced a few weeks ago that some of their high-end smartphones launched last year will get updated to KitKat by the end of Q1 2014, the folks at Sony revealed earlier today that the Xperia Z1 Android 4.4.2 OTA update is now available for download globally, after new software was already pushed to several markets.

Just like any other software update, Android 4.4.2 for Sony Xperia Z1 will be released in stages, meaning that the ETA varies depending to country and carriers. The unlocked models will be the first to receive the new update, followed by the carrier-locked variants.

When your Sony Xperia Z1 will be eligible to receive the Android 4.4.2 update, you should receive a notification message. All you will need to do is tap the system update notification to download it, wait until the download finishes then select “Install now.” Because the update file may be quite big, it’s recommended to download it using a WiFi connection to avoid data traffic. You may also be able to find the new firmware after performing a manual check under Settings > About Phone > Software updates > System updates. Alternatively, you can grab the USB cable, connect your Z1 to the PC and check for the update via Sony’s PC Companion app.

According to Sony’s site the Xperia Z1 Android 4.4.2 update will arrive with the usual KitKat goodies such as full-screen immersive mode, cloud printing, full-screen album and movie art in lockscreen, emoji support, transparent status and nav bars, or white status bar icons, along with Email app enhancements, updated Camera app, and stability, performance, and battery boosts. The new software update is labeled 14.3.A.0.681.

Are there any Sony Xperia Z1 owners among you? Did you guys receive the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update on your device? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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  • chris

    I am on O2 but my device is unlocked, still no update 🙁

    • paul

      No Update in uk :/ waste of time as other countries got them already….. Fuck sony and their kitkat 4.4.2 maybe they will release next year as people talks about bugs and issues in new kitkat 4.4 2.See yaaa!!

      • Guest

        I’m on O2 with a locked phone and I got the update when i plugged it into my PC using the PC Companion (the PC Companion also updated)

      • christopher

        Yes there is kitkat update in uk i got it

  • Chris D

    I updated my Z1 to Kitkat last night but I’ve only had the phone for a few days after making the leap from the IPhone to Android. Still learning so I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference except that this phone, coupled with android is far superior.

    • Tim Moore

      Yeah, the Z1 was my move away from iOS – Loving it I have to say

  • Mark R

    I have a Z1 on Bell (Canada). No update yet.

    • PeteJ

      Still no update on Z1 as of 3/30 @ 08:15 Bell Mobility – Canada

    • Yukonhermit

      Just called bell and this update isn’t even on there list yet. They it may not ever be pushed if they don’t find it to be stable.

  • LaukikH

    Recieved my update. #India

    • Harsh Lahoti

      How did you do that. I didnt get any updates..

  • Mel Francis Mercado

    no update yet here in the Philippines 🙁

    • JTCruz

      i was able to update it about two weeks ago through pc companion…

  • Chi’ana

    4.4.2 in Scotland 🙂 via pc companion

  • Harsh Lahoti

    I am in India and didnt get any update………….. Kindly tell when this update will be available in India..

    • Nikhil

      Hi, u can receive the update through pc companion. I have updated, but not so happy with the overall experience. In my opinion, performance is better with jelly bean 4.3. Facing minor lags, gets heated up while using camera. My opinion, wait for sometime so that the bugs are fixed by sony

  • smudget

    Manchester England
    No update

  • sparck

    Austin, TX, USA no update yet.

  • Sridhar

    I got mine a week back

  • Sheena Weber

    I updated this morning and other than a few superficial changes I don’t see much of a difference can’t wait to actually see what all the fuss was about.

  • jesse

    Where are you people getting updates from? Rogers/Canada anyone??

  • Alex

    No update yet.
    Alex, Phil.

  • lisagirl234178

    no update yet
    san diego, CA

  • Michael

    Is it gonna be for the z1s?

  • jason

    no update on telstra in Astralia yet 🙁

    • blah

      Its been out on optus aus since last week?

  • malenizi

    Updated Through pc companion
    I’ve noticed some bugs and lags
    In my opinion 4.3 jellybean is faster and more stable

    In new kitkat I faced some camera issues and failure
    Hope sony fix it very soon

    • bobi

      Same with me
      Cameras works terrible apps are crashing DO NOT UPDATE
      4.3 is a lot more stable

  • amjad

    Nop i haven’t received any update i even trying manually but its saying phone is updated but i still got 4.1 jelly bean

  • tintin

    Australia got the update. Used Sony bridge application in your computer to get it down.

    • tk

      did you use PC Companion or OTA and was it for the Z1??

  • vishal bhandari

    not received any notification to update….

    • Tim Moore

      Mine wasn’t OTA, I needed to plug into PC Companion to get it

  • Tim Moore

    Got mine on Friday (London on O2)
    Not sure if it’s a huge improvement – I don’t think the persistent Google Now thing works does it??

    • Amiqul Shafiq

      SIM free unit (London) Still no Update via OTA and PC Companion

  • izza

    Not yet.. :[

  • Tony D

    Montreal, Canada
    No update

  • tk

    australia…xperia z1…still on android 4.2.2

  • veroq

    Any updates coming for the xperia z1s

  • mownicardenas

    recently updated my xperia z1 to kitkat! (philippines)

  • shiva kumar

    yes. Got an update today and i am in process of intalling it

  • Wynand

    just installing mine on Telstra – australia via the PC companian

  • Mercurial

    I’m living in England and I have just updated my Z1 which is on the o2 network, to kitkat 4.4.2.

  • Jennie Efc Welsh

    birkenhead england no update even tho the z ultra had its update 2 days ago

  • AlScott

    Just updated my z1, exploring to see changes

  • AlScott

    A few minor changes, few new sounds on closing apps etc and new info bar etc but not much!?!

  • User

    i got 4.3 in my xperia z1 dont know how to get 4.4.2

  • Pieter

    No update in South Africa yet???

  • Samurai

    got the update (Los Angeles). The battery power management seems to be better..

  • Edward Alin

    i updated but after wen i switch on the phone it shows ” SONY EXPERIA” and the wave, so its like that

  • Luqman Xperia

    yes i received and really fantastic

  • Kiling

    Updated today in my Z1, unlocked mobile.

  • Sri

    Just installed the update here in Singapore. I have to say that some of their design changes were completely unnecessary. The “window blind” effect when you unlock your phone has now been replaced with some glitter sprinkling effect, the dropdown notifications menu now needs one more touch if you want to get to your quick settings shortcuts, the battery notification now is all black with the percentage inside, or the one with the color indication but no percentage. I’m not sure what bugs they have fixed, but all of these changes, according to me, are just plain unnecessary and seem forced to just show that something has changed.

  • DJ Scoots

    Vodafone on z1. Still no update 🙁

  • Jennie Efc Welsh

    Still no update for z1 Merseyside why and when are we getting it?????

  • Sam Parsons

    I haven’t received the update neither, Manchester UK…
    Ive tried using Phone Companion aswell as OTA update…

  • Danj88

    Nothing here for z1 unlocked in west midlands either

  • z1 owner

    London just updated ????

  • aldo4343

    Update arrived on EE this morning on Z1.
    Have to say nothing ‘feels’ different. Probably why this is 4.4 rather than 5. A major update should feel like you have a new phone.

  • Z1 JB Owner

    No updates for Bell Canada as yet

  • Safy

    Camera issues!!!!

  • george

    Am z1 dar nu a ajuns versiunea 4.4 o am pe 4.3