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Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 To Be Pushed This Month

We kept telling you about the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for various devices, as we’re trying to find out when phone makers are going to release it to their smartphones. Now we have some information about the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which might be released later this month.

According to some sources, it seems like the update is almost ready and Samsung is going to send it to carriers for certification very soon. This means that Galaxy Note 2 users might receive the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update by the end of this month, but it’s not yet certain how long will carriers take before pushing it over the air.

As you probably know already, every time an update is released, we get our hands on it and help you install it manually, so you don’t have to wait for your carrier to release it. We’re going to do the same with the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update and you will be able to install it manually on your Note 2 the day it gets released, no matter where that happens.

We’re glad to see that Samsung hasn’t forgotten Galaxy Note 2 users, because some previous rumors were suggesting that Samsung won’t support the phablet anymore.

We’ve been also trying to find out what’s Samsung final decision for the Galaxy S2 and the original Galaxy Note, but we have nothing clear yet. Unfortunately for those users, it seems like they won’t receive an official update to Android 4.4 KitKat at all.

While you’re waiting for the official update to be released, you can try a custom ROM for your Galaxy Note 2, as we’ve tested some and we’ve written guides for you to install them safely. On our website you can find custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 and N7105.

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  • Note 2

    Sadly this is the final update for note 2. 🙁 life sucks. No money to get new mobile

    • Aj

      OK but you’re getting a brand new os to extend the life. Besides that the phone is more than adequate in terms of power and software for another year or so already. People get so caught up in the word new.

      • Note 2

        @Aj : nice to hear. Actually consoling 🙂

    • Joe

      How do you know? Samsung have ever said that note 2’s latest OS would be android 5.0. Who said this is the final upgrading of note? Do not mislead, mate.

      • Nick DiLello

        Keep in mind, just because official upgrades are stopped on certain hardware there are always custom ROMs that usually perform better and give you more control…you just have to be willing to learn new things. My note 2 has been 4.4.2 for months now and though I had to try a couple of ROMs to find one that is perfect for me I am now running the most current OS and every feature works. The phone is very fast and battery life is great.
        My last note (Samsung Note 1) was also able to run the 4.4 ROM acceptably.
        I also love that with a custom recovery I can backup EVERYTHING on the phone in minutes and restore the OS in minutes if something goes wrong or I install something I can’t get rid of, make a change I can’t recover from or try a ROM I am not happy with. The restore literally takes minutes and I am back in business. 😉

        • Man Of Steel

          Which Galaxy Note 2 custom rom are you currently running that’s stable?

          • Nick DiLello

            @man if steel: I am running Beanstalk 4.4.2, it is not only stable, but very fast and battery life is terrific. I tried to go up one to and had trouble with corporate email and the camera.

      • Note 2

        @Joe : Bro . Sammy released note 2? by September 2012. I get it you’re a hardcore samsung fan. Myself too 🙂 18 months already got over by march 2014. So it’s not that good to keep hopes high and expect and update after kitkat.

        Coming September 2013 note 4 will be released. We’ll be left aside. They’ll update only latest devices. This is the fact.

        If you say 5.0 will be pushed to note 2 . It’s wrong. At first It will be only available for note 4 , s5, note 3 , s4 and latest devices.

        • Bob Marley

          The S3 is getting the 4.4 update and it’s two years old.

          • King Victor

            I just ordered a galaxy s3 last night flashed to pageplus, then after I order I start to see all the complaints about the 4.3 jelly bean os…I can return the phone..is the 4,3 really that bad? and I see it looks like the 4.4 update for the s3 is up in the air, mine is Verizon..

  • Why don’t you have a source for most of the News ?

  • Dawna

    I hope they don’t quit supporting the Note 2 for awhile. I got mine 3 days after it came out and I am in a 2 year contract. I’m hoping I will done and able to get the Note 4 but for now I have a Note 2 and love it!

    • Nick DiLello

      My Note 2 is plenty functional and will be for quite some time. I am sure your phone will be fine if you take care of it too. If you know how to root you can add the latest ROMs and it will compete with many new phones in functionality. The Note 2 has plenty of horsepower! 😉

  • DisQussIt

    To late Samsung I bought The HTC One M8. I’m already happier with it than I ever was with my Note II.