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Android 4.4.2 KitKat Update For Samsung Galaxy S3 is Close For All Users

Samsung has just released the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 users and it will soon be available for everyone.

We’ve been telling you that Samsung is working on the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and now you have the proof that it’s coming. The update comes with a lot of new features, along with speed enhancements and a bunch of other improvements.

We expect Samsung to roll out the KitKat update by the end of this month for everyone and they will probably start in Europe.

The Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Location Settings, Default App settings, a new full-screen mode and other minor improvements.

The Location Settings allow you to see which location detection features use battery and you can enable or disable each one of them.

The Default App settings bring an easier way to see which app is used for specific actions and you can also change them easier.

Android 4.4.2 KitKat will also make the Galaxy S3 faster, because it requires less memory and it’s optimize better. Your smartphone should be much faster and responsive after the update, so it’s highly recommended to perform the update as soon as it’s available.

Once Samsung rolls out the update, we’re going to get our hands on it and make it available on our website along with a guide to update to it manually.

Make sure to come back to our website, because we will keep you posted with information about updates and everything you need to know about your devices, even if they are a bit older, like the Galaxy S3.

Our best guess is that Samsung will roll out the update in Europe by next week and the rest of the world will probably follow soon after that.

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  • Jo Mama

    I have the Sprint s3 and the update isn’t available to me yet I feel left out

    • Abhi

      I am also waiting for the same

    • Alfred

      I could be wrong but i don’t think may 4 is end of the month. that could explain why you don’t have the update yet.

      • Smiley

        Lol…good one !!

  • ziclone

    I wonder if the unlocked phone gets update will it loses it b Lock into it’s original carrier ways…???

  • omggg

    Still waiting too ????????????

  • Meet

    Iam excited to get update and reading the post On this site which are important to me , helpful to me & interesting to read which keep me and my mobile updated by giving useful information. Thank you for being with us…

  • Fethi

    Thanks for clarification.

  • Darthchile

    Can’t wait

  • Gman

    Just got the update last night on my Sprint S3

    • babyboyky

      Where r . U located. Im in az no update I keep checking

    • mhmmd123

      I am waiting for the update, and after the update, I’m upgrading to GS5.

      • gs3

        Well more like the Gs6 or 7. The Gs3 is good for another 2 to 3 years and maybe 4 years top.

        • Loren Railsback

          2 more years?? The GS3 is extremely outdated as is. When my contract ends in October I will promptly be getting rid of it. It’s so slow compared to the new androids, I hate it!

          • Chris Radenovic

            lol then you’re just being silly.

            You’re phone has a quad core processor with (probably) 2 gigs or RAM.

            And if you’re contract ends in October, you may as well just wait for the S6 to come out. That’s what I’d do.

          • Loren Railsback

            I live in the US. It is dual core 1.5 GHz and not very fast. Very frustrating to use because of all the random lag. My nexus 7 is worlds faster.

          • Rob Pinyan

            Cyanogenmod makes a big difference

          • Loren Railsback

            The sad part is I’m running Cyanogenmod. Still terribly slow for my taste at least.

          • Rob Pinyan

            Are you running the M6 build?

    • damien wilson

      Ya I got it last night too. I’m in Boston mass.

  • mihiraj

    Damn! Waiting till it comes out of Europe!!

  • trevorp

    I already manually updated mine on Friday w kit Kat

    • nataswon

      And? Do you like it? Where can one get a full list of what this update provides or is it less about new features and more about a quicker and better optimized OS?

  • Matej Robar

    What about the GT-I9305 LTE variant?

  • Giovanni Stefani

    If your a Verizon customer, don’t hold your breath

  • irimolsjik

    Just manually download the .zip, and flash it with the stock recovery like I did. I updated 3 days ago.

  • ArmyGirl22

    I’m still waiting to I have the US cellular s3

    • Justin

      You’ll prolly get it before I get KitKat on my Verizon Note 3! US cellular has been pushing updates pretty quick along with Sprint. Sprint just pushed it to their S3, you should be seeing it pretty soon.

  • Denny Crane

    Android 4.4 “KitKat” has a few enhancements, but there’s nothing earth-shattering here. It’s a minor update from Jelly Bean. Don’t lose sleep waiting for this one. And don’t expect revolutionary changes when the update does hit. I did a Ho Hum when my Nexus tablet updated to KitKat last Fall.

  • Marc justin Constantino

    Will m440s can have 4.4 update? Im hoping that they will also count m440s for 4.4 update. Btw, is the downloadable manual update only for sprint version and wont work to other variants?

    • Marc justin Constantino

      The manual update file is only for sprint s3.

  • Will Collins

    Still waiting. I even tried downloading on Kie’s and it said it’s not available yet. Oh well…..4.3 sucks though.

  • imtiaz

    I have galaxy note3 when get new the batter icon colour is green and know is white tell me about this problem

  • Klejdi90

    Nice not approving my comment exposing you with false information thats factual yet no source or proof. Idiots

  • saturn

    We are talking about the GT-I9300?

    • rk jaffer

      hmmm…seems no one has any idea about 4.2.2 update for i9300

  • Maurice phillip jr

    I downloaded the zip file but how can I flash my S3. I know about Odin but I bricked my other phone, so is there any other way. Kies will take forever to post the update….

    • Marc justin Constantino

      You need to put it in your sd card and flash it through stock recovery.

  • lisa

    Is there gonna be an update on the s3 from straight talk.

    • Justin

      Lisa, it’s hard to tell. Sprint is the only US carrier who really mentioned it as well as for the Note 2. Although, Samsung did release a statement back in early March I believe about it updating models like the S3 to KitKat. I’d assume the 2gb ram versions would get it, as the GS3 is a very popular phone. It was built to run on phones with 512mb of ram. Qualcomm should still provide updates to the snapdragon S4 and then it is up to Samsung and that particular carrier if they want to work on it or not.

  • JJ

    Verizon just pushed it to my G S4 and now it keeps rebooting. I was lucky to get this message out.

  • gs3

    The Gs3 is good for another 3 or 4 years.. 2gb ram and dual core with 720p background is good enough

  • rk jaffer

    is 4.4.2 update coming for GS-i9300 (international s3 version)which is on a 1GB RAM??

  • Skittles

    I have the new update just now, and I don’t SEE anything new (aside from the battery is now a shade of white, not the normal green)

  • Heidi H

    I just got it on Verizon.

    • Justin

      KitKat for your Verizon S3? I’m still waiting for my Note 3 to get KitKat on Verizon! lol damn

  • Karthik V

    Samsung started Android 4.4.2 rollout in India for Note 2.

  • Hafeez

    I have Samsung Note 3 UK, I received update today.

  • Blknight

    Woke up this morning to the update on my S3 Sprint. The Lord is good.

  • Margaret

    How about the I9300?

  • roshan

    hey my model no. is gt-i9300, will it gets kitkat?

  • Oromis

    I just got the update this morning. I can see a little speed increase and my battery is a little better

  • bigrod

    Im waiting for the t mobile s3

  • MoOoDy

    Galaxy s3 GT I9300 To kitkat 🙁 please

  • T999 User

    I have the Tmobile Galaxy s3 T999 will i get it?

  • Carolyn Goodson Wissert

    When is Virgin Mobile Samsung galaxy S3 going to get the update?

  • sattracker

    How about people that have att. It’s sad that we are always in the dark on updates. May it be because they have to screw with it adding their b. s. That everyone just goes and turns them off anyway because they’re not good for anything just junk that takes room and memory. I wish in time that we the divice owner have the right and power to remove apps we don’t want.

  • zaheer