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Android 4.4 KitKat Running On Nexus 4 Features and Screenshots

Android 4.4 KitKat is around the corner and we just witnessed an extensive gallery of supposedly the latest Android OS running on a Nexus 4 smartphone. This gallery shows several options settings and menus for KitKat but surprisingly or not, the OS is listed as Key Lime Pie, the rumored version of Android OS after Jelly Bean and the name everybody thought Android 4.4 will get before Google announced the official KitKat name. Interesting is the fact that previous leaks pointed at “Hammmerhead” codename for various Nexus 5 leaks and the same codename is present in the About Phone screen along with the Key Lime Pie version KRS65B software information.

There aren’t so many differences between Jelly Bean and KitKat, as we could saw from the pictures, and this is kind of disappointing as the little design changes are not enough for us, who waited the KitKat version to bring some radical changes. But never mind, let’s see what really changed from Jelly Bean to KitKat, as we could deduce from the pictures. One of the first changes which popped up was the white notification bar, who is now white instead of blue. This was rumored a few days ago, so until now it’s a confirmation that the OS is actually going to bring up this minor visual change.

Probably the major changes reported by our source are the overall performance speed and smoother animations. Some other new features which were spotted are: Payments and Wireless display, in the menu settings and under Wireless and networks we could spot a Manage Mobile plan option which can deal with data transfer limits for the device, depending on your contract.

One great introduction was the “Printing” portion, displayed in the Settings menu and which can be also accessed trough the browser gallery and some other apps like QuickOffice. And speaking of QuickOffice, save as PDF is another feature introduced on KitKat, which wasn’t available on Jelly Bean. The customization of a document allows you to select the colors ( black and white or colored ), the orientation of the document ( Portrait or landscape ) paper size and the possibility to choose which page numbers to print, including a specific page or a certain range of pages from the document.

Google took advantage of its Drive app, and integrated it with QuickOffice, allowing users to sync their documents with Drive app, while Drive and Keep its also available as a stand-alone app on the settings menu. Android 4.4 KitKat seems to take care of mobile data use, as it can block apps which require internet connection, to use the mobile data traffic when the phone is using a hotspot. The gallery app comes with some new photo editing options but nothing to stand out of the line or worth mentioning.

Most of the features presented here were reported in previous rumors and we cannot be sure if the software we are looking at is going to be the real KitKat. Yes, it is true that some pieces of the puzzle fits but since this pictures come as a leaked unofficial report we have all the rights to doubt wheatear or not it’s true. Considering the fact that it still carries the Key Lime Pie name we could assume that we’re looking at one of the first prototypes and the final version will in fact have more new features and a brand now look. One thing is for sure, as soon as KitKat will take its final form, we are going to present it to you, until then, enjoy the gallery and tell us your opinion about it.