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Android 5.0 L Update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10: Release Date Rumors

The release of the Android 5.0 L update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 is yet a mystery. Even though Google didn’t officially reveal when the Android 5.0 L will be made available for the masses, the latest reports and leaks are hinting that the new release is closer than expected.

Before talking about the release date of the Android 5.0 L update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10, let’s have a look at the main features of the new Android iteration. There’s no doubt that Android 5.0 L is the biggest update Google’s mobile operating system received since its debut in 2008. It’s even bigger than the transition from Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich.

The most notable change introduced by Android 5.0 L is the new Material Design philosophy. Material Design makes the interface more colorful and more animated, while the 3D effects and shadows are there make it more intuitive. It also arrives with support for 64-bit processors and introduces ART instead of Dalvik runtime. Besides performance improvements, the users who tested Android L Developer Preview reported increases in battery life.

The Android 5.0 L notifications bar and lock screen have also received notable improvements compared to previous versions. The lock screen is now capable of displaying notifications and it even allows users to interact with them. Furthermore, the lock screen notifications are sorted based on the frequency you interact with them. On the other hand, the notifications bar has received a new color scheme and improved functionality. The Quick Settings button introduced in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is gone and now you will have swipe down once to go to notifications, then swipe once more to access the Quick Settings menu. In Quick Settings you will find toggles for WiFi, Mobile Network, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, Sound, Location, Rotation Lock, and Do Not Disturb Mode. There’s also a slider that allows you to control the screen brightness and the Auto Brightness has been replaced by Adaptive brightness. In the main Settings menu you will now be able to find certain options more easily, courtesy of the new search bar.

The Android 5.0 L also brings modifications to the status bar. The Android L dynamic status bar is transparent in the lock and home screens and it’s also capable of changing its color to match the action bar of the app running on the screen. Google have already shown they changed the the Android L native apps to work this way and now it’s up to developers to change their apps for us to be able to enjoy a unified visual experience.

The Android L recents screen also received a makeover. You should be able to notice that the last opened apps are now displayed as cards stacked one over another. Furthermore, certain apps (Chrome is one of them) can display more than one card in the recents, one for each opened tab.

It’s no longer a mystery that each Android iteration had its name inspired by a dessert and a unique version number. Google has introduced the latest Android release as Android L, but that will definitely change by the time it’s made available for the public. Given the large number of changes it brings, the version number will definitely be 5.0. Even though early rumors have indicated that Android 5.0 will be named Lollipop or Licorice, the latest reports are indicating that Lemon Meringue Pie might be the dessert-inspired name of the new Android version. Therefore, we believe that the final name of the latest Android iteration is Android 5.0 Lemon Meringue Pie (or Android 5.0 LMP).

Over the past few years, Google used to release two major Android updates a year, each debuting along with new Nexus hardware (one released in the summer, the other one in October, usually around Halloween). Google’s strategy for 2014 (and probably for the coming years, too) has changed, being a reminiscent of Apple’s iOS launches.

Apple made a habit out of presenting new iOS versions during their WWDC event (in the summer) then releasing them for the public in the fall, when a new iPhone is usually announced. Between the moment a new iOS version is announced and the moment it’s released for the public, Apple offers the new OS to developers for beta testing. How is Google’s strategy similar to Apple’s? I’m glad you’ve asked. Google introduced Android L back in June at Google I/O conference and made it available for testing purposes as Developer Preview (there’s an update available for Android L Developer Preview for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013, you can check it out here), then they will make it available for the masses this fall, when new Nexus hardware will also be released. Even though it was previously reported that the Android 5.0 L update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 will go live late October, a new report is hinting towards a late September release.

As you may know, it was rumored a couple of months ago that the Nexus devices will be replaced by a new Google program called Android Silver. Anyway, new Nexus devices are definitely on Google’s work table. Soon after a Google employee dismissed the rumors that said the Nexus family will be ditched, new details of a Nexus tablet surfaced online. Early reports have suggested that the tablet unofficially dubbed Nexus 9 is manufactured by HTC and that it’s known internally as Flounder. The leaks also revealed that it has an 8.9-inch screen with 4:3 aspect ratio, 64-bit enabled Nvidia Tegra K1 processor, 4 GB RAM, 8 MP main camera, and “aluminium zero-gap construction.” The other new Nexus device is a smartphone. The Nexus 6 is allegedly manufactured by Motorola and is known as Shamu. The said smartphone packs a 5.2-inch screen with 1440 x 2560 resolution, Snapdragon 805 CPU, 3 GB RAM, and 13 MP primary shooter with OIS. Either way, both devices will run Android 5.0 L out of the box.

Just like it happened over the past few years, the Android 5.0 L update for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 will be the first one to see a public roll out. The Nexus devices will be followed shortly by the Google Play Experience smartphones and tablets and by Motorola’s supported devices. HTC also promised to bring Android 5.0 L on their One M7 and One M8. According to the Taiwan-based phone maker, the new update will be issued within 90 days after Google makes the final code available. Samsung, LG, Sony, and other big OEMs will most likely release the new update late 2014 or early 2015.

What are you favorite Android L features? Did you have the chance to test Android L Developer Preview? Please let us know in the comments section below.

  • Riddlemethis

    Ok, I am not sold on why I should update to 5.0 when it appears on my device?

    • Sir Perro

      I’ve used the preview in my Nexus 4 for some weeks and it’s awesome. Had to rollback due to bluetooth problems, but it is overall a huge leap forward.

      • At45john

        I use a n4 too … Plz tell me a stable and functional android L ROM …. 🙂

    • Gaja

      Why should you not?

    • aaaa

      Your an idiot go get an iphone

      • Jaye Parks

        Hahaha hahah hahah Hahaha haha haha haha haha hahah.

      • Alaster

        Ha! An iPhone? Wow, just reading that comment insults my intelligence.

      • scottalias


        • aaaa

          Oh, you got me. Back to first grade I go.

      • As you know, iPhones blow – inferior all around and with those itsy bitsy screens… Cute for schoolgirls, I guess… So they can take pics at ballet class and do their vblogs and occasional sexting. Bit it is not a real device like an android phone, even though they are trying now with their [small side of] big screens and now approaching a full GB of memory… Nearly a quarter of the newest android decixes., etx. Apple will never catch up… They came too late to the mobile game and stole ideas from Android. Cute phones though.

        • aaaa

          Apple logic – oh let’s slap a 64 bit processor in there, but only 1gb of ram… :0

        • Prince Paradox

          “inferior all around and with those itsy bitsy screens…”

          So, if I understand correctly, a single aspect of “iPhones” (are we including the 1st generation here?) is what makes them inferior to Android devices?

          “Bit it is not a real device like an android phone, even though they are trying now with their [small side of] big screens and now approaching a full GB of memory…”

          Nice Bit pun! So, the new iPhones are approaching (I believe you meant have) a full GB of memory, but I sense a bit of dissatisfaction here. For all I know, you could be the expert on smartphone RAM (my intuition tells me otherwise), so, would you happen to be able to tell me why 2GB would be necessary in the new iPhones (let alone any other Android device)? Sure, there’s no arguing that it would be preferable, but do you have any idea how much of that 1GB is used at any given time on an iOS device? While I am far from an expert on the matter, I’d imagine that iOS’s suspension/termination algorithm does quite well in managing the device’s memory.

          So, what I’ve learned from your post is that the two factors in determining a smartphone’s inferiority are screen size (which is subjective to each and every users’ taste as there’s currently even some preference for the 5s over the 6) and memory (which may or may not be an issue in this current discussion). With that being said, I hope you have the Nokia Lumia 1520 because that’s the obvious choice given your criteria.

          “They came too late to the mobile game”

          You must be joking…? No? You believe that Apple came late to the mobile game… The mobile game? The iPhone was late to the mobile game… Okay, pal.

      • Ember Dawn

        If an iPhone had the capabilities and features and flexibilty that an Android phone had then it may be different story but it doesn’t.

      • Jambo86

        Is that because idiots prefer iPhones?

    • Better battery life… faster… safer…. new design

      • Riddlemethis

        ok, those are good reasons.however, google has been getting all weird these days. not sure if i trust them any more.

    • mcd

      Oh u don have to, you can go back to cupcake, donot or gingerbread if u want to..

    • scottalias

      I always wait a few days, see if people are complaining about the upgrade.

    • Srini

      Then don’t update…

      • Riddlemethis

        wow, why didn’t i think of that. in the absence of information, don’t update. you’re brilliant!! thank you for sharing your wisdom.

        • Srini

          Dude – you are grown up enough to know what is what. You write comments in here, so you are capable of understanding English language, working on web browsers, understanding what internet is and how to gather / assimilate the knowledge / news / reviews.

          So, instead of putting it out here, I think it would be better if you go read what Android 5.0 is all about. In case you have already done that, then I assume you have already taken a fair decision not to, in which case I was agreeing with you.

          Don’t rubbish yourself this way. The news & reviews of Android 5.0 is available on the internet. Go dig it & find out for yourself dude. Stop rubbishing yourself.

    • Hahaha LIberals

      why must derps ask others why they should do something?

  • Name


  • Choose2Succeed

    Linux based Android L will not dissapoint. My new Moto X will own the universe soon with this update! I’ve never been dissapointed with Google… Never! You know a lot of people say Linux sucks, but Android is Linux and I guess a lot of people are just plain stoopid. Must be!

    • Kody

      I’m always a little disappointed by the lack of a memory card slot on the nexus devices. Other then that it’s just a slight gripe here and there.

      • scottalias

        I totally understand. My next phone and my next tablet will have a Micro SD card slot. I don’t need to upgrade now, but if I did, I would choose a Moto G over a Nexus 5 just for that reason. Half the price doesn’t hurt, either.

        • Tarun Sharma

          Android Phones with the Memory card always gets slower and slower when you start using your memory card space. Nexus line will not have a memory card slot because they don’t want there devices to get slow like others..!!

          • scottalias

            That’s only if you buy the cheap Class 2 SD cards off eBay or Amazon.

          • kam hagh

            agreed 🙂 i like this site, no fanboys fighting each other, only logic ppl talking 😀

          • Hari

            That may happen only if you move your apps to microsd card that too only if the said card is of low quality. The greatest use of microsd card in an android device is for storing media

          • Ember Dawn

            I agree media is the only thing that should be stored on a memory card hence why most programs don’t have an option to be moved to a memory card. That being said. Majority of phones designed with a memory card also come with very little internal memory or may come with a larger internal memory but more than half of it is consumed by carrier addons and manufacturer overlays like the Samsung galaxy devices

          • kozjegyzo

            Get a class 10 card, and make it a trustworthy brand. A fast memory card will not disappoint. A good way to test it… If it works with your GoPro it’ll work with your phone without a hitch 😉

        • Kody

          Lol, I wouldn’t mind spending a little extra to get something like the Galaxy S5

        • Kody

          I’m curious, what will you do?

      • Memory cards on devices with 32 or 64gb running android are useless. The only thing you can store on them is media. Get a damn iPod for music. Apple stuff is made to play gud music. Android phones and tablets are serious devices, not iPods. 32gb is enough for your apps, and BTW, there are HUGE benefits to having this memory internal vs on a memory card where you can’t use it! You can install APPS to it and have DATA on it! If you really need that much music with you, run stick mount and use a flash drive… Or just get a stupid iPod. I’ll take more internal memory over an SD slot ANY day. And so would you if you had a brain.

        • Kody

          Whoa, that’s a bit of an aggressive response. Anyway I travel quite a bit so I like having a couple of hd movies on my device so I’m always craving a bit more space. Also I take a lot of photos with my dslr. A memory card slot would make processing the raws on a tablet way more convenient. And if google every makes a nexus tablet with 128gb I’d definitely pick it over one with a memory card slot I just didn’t mention it as an option because it seems less likely and I already have a 128gb memory card from my dslr. And having an ipod and a phone just seems to defeat the purpose of having a phone that can play music. And Apple’s security standards seem to be lacking a bit as of late.

          • Ember Dawn

            Its quite possible for the next iteration of the nexus phone to have larger capacity looking at the trend nexus 4 had a max capacity of 16gb , nexus 5 max capacity of 32gb so isn’t it likely that the nexus 6 could have a max capacity of 64gb?
            Also not that I support Apple in any way but Apples security issues are mainly with their PC OSes due to their combined work with Microsoft to make both there OSes more universally appealing and more compatible with program designers. As far as their Unix based phone OS thought it is quite similar to ththe Android Linux in the fact that both don’t allow programs to access root without providing permissions to do so.

          • Kody

            I’m hoping for 128gb. 64gb would be a bit limited if the rumors are right and it has quad HD. They take up quite a bit more space. Also, there’s nothing wrong with liking apple. There were a great company. It’s just they’ve lost some of their innovation in recent years.

          • kozjegyzo

            I’m in favor of memory card slots (have an S5 for this reason, and of course the replaceable battery) but I’m really wanting a Nexus device to get the latest Android release while still hot.
            Anyways to get around not having enough space, you can use a pendrive (a fast one) to have your movies on. Just stick it in with an OTG cable and problem solved 🙂

        • Stack

          Learn how to disagree without sounding like a total tool….or maybe you’re just a troll. At any rate, sometimes I wish there was SD card support on the Nexus line as well. Sometimes I like to move whole seasons of television shows so I’m not constantly deleting and connecting.

        • Hari

          Even flagship devices like s5 and onem8 have expandable storage via microsd even if they have 32gb internal memory. A person who spends a premium to buy a flagship or near flagship range phone always considers their phone as the one stop centre for all their media needs which include music and fullhd videos as well as various apps and games. An android phone is not just for apps or games or Web browsing, it is also a highly powerful media device, and a person who owns a flagship range android phone has no use of an ipod. Why carry two devices if a good phone with microsd support can easily satisfy your needs. Also a microsd card inside an android phone is cooler than an otg pendrive sticking out. Your comment is very stupid especially taking into account the size of full HD video files as well as the fact that even companies like HTC and Sony have realised the use of microsd card in their devices

          • Ember Dawn

            I can see your point but I can also argue that my music consumption comes from both the I heart radio ap and the google play music ap neither of which store music on your device but instead in the cloud where it belongs. Also when it come to movies that I download once downloaded which usually takes about 15 minutes I then watch them and delete after watched…why would anyone feel the need to keep them when they are so quickly accessible. I mean seriously in the end your point is moot.

          • Kody

            I guess it’s more if a thing for people who travel and people with bad internet connections.

      • robbo

        I believe that one reason there is no SD card on nexus devices is then they have to pay a royalty to Microsoft for the fat32 file system to write to the SDcard.

      • kam hagh

        yes, but you have to remember it costs some money

        • Kody

          Well it got more expensive anyway, lol.

      • Anders Hansson

        Just wanted to point out that there is always the possibility to use a USB memory with a built in USB OTG adapter if you don’t need certain stuff all the time… like having presentations and work-related stuff on.

    • As opposed to what? They are all Linux Based.

    • Ember Dawn

      Linux is truly the best open source platform. I’ve always preferred the Linux which is why I went Android form my first smartphone rather than the crappy Unix(BSD) based IOS operating system.

      • Hahaha LIberals

        linux is pretty much the only open source platform available to the public. derp.

    • Hahaha LIberals

      says the guy who says “stoopid”. Linux is meh.

    • kam hagh


      linux rocks ! who said it sucks?! anyone who said it is out of mind 😀

  • SergioCastrejon

    I don’t know why but all I saw was 5.0 Liter through that whole article. Maybe I have motors on my mind.

    • Christoph Obrecht

      I too had this going on.

    • bob

      It’s Litre dumbass

      • Michael Thomas Koralewski

        only to Canadiens, LOL…!!!

        • bobbert

          It’s Canadians dumbass

          • Michael Thomas Koralewski

            that’s dumb-ass to you.. 😛

          • Hahaha LIberals


          • Riddlemethis

            it don’t matter. canadians dont know how to pronounce kilometer either. it’s actually pronounced KEY-LO-METER not kil-om-et-er.

        • Nosyt

          no… It’s Liter only to Americans. (You know there’s more to the world than the North American continent, right?)

          • Michael Thomas Koralewski

            Noooo !!!! ..oh wait,..
            ??? What??

  • DaHitman

    It’s going to be called Lion

    • Hahaha LIberals

      yeah because lions are sweet edible deserts. moron.

      • DaHitman

        Interesting that the ‘moron’ knows the current Android is named after Nestles chocolate bar Kit Kat and Nestle also do the Lion chocolate bar…………………..DOH

  • AddiBwoy

    What I would like to see done, is Samsung just letting it’s users use androids native launcher, Instead of touchwiz bcuz it sucks. Or at least give us the option to choose between them. Just like how we can chose between normal and basic modes of touchwiz.

    • Jesus Flores

      Thats the beauty of Android. You can flash any ROM you want!

  • chandler

    My auto rotate is broken maybe this will fix it.

    • DaHitman

      Or perhaps you should just activate it, Settings, Display, Auto-Rotation screen

  • ramjet73

    “The Nexus devices will be followed shortly by the Google Play Experience smartphones and tablets and by Motorola’s supported devices. ”

    For the record, it’s Google Play *Edition* and not Google Play *Experience*.

  • Rishish Pandey

    Very bad experience with sound reception of nexus5 ,its a miss on its core job
    Can do n things but can’t talk !

  • Yash Chawla

    The material design and battery improvements would be my favorite feature.

  • Chris Welby

    any news on kitkat not tethering due to some issue – hope the new iteration solves that one . . . Nexus 7 won’t tether, it used to . . .

  • R Malsawmtluanga

    when update is available for Moto e… eagerly looked for Lollipop….