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Android Auto: Smart Platform for Cars Debuts at Google I/O 2014

Besides the other platforms like Android One, Android Wear, or Android L that were introduced by the Mountain View-based giant at their annual technology event, Google I/O 2014 also brought as Android Auto. As you might have guessed already, Android Auto aims to bring the Android experience to your car.

Google said that they have designed Android Auto from scratch to make its interface more suitable for in-car use and, more important, it was designed not to distract the driver. Even though Android Auto has a simpler interface, it does stick into the design lines that will be at the base of the upcoming Android L release.

Android Auto runs on your mobile device, but it gets mirrored to your car’s touch screen so you can interact with it. You will be able to interact with the new software platform using voice commands or the car’s touch screen. Android Auto will also show relevant information like shortcuts for arriving at your destination or your driving behavior.

Because Android Auto runs on your mobile device your music or Google Now suggestions will be available on your car’s screen. It even allows the driver to answer calls, set reminders, or reply to text messages using voice commands. Android Auto will also read your incoming texts out loud.

Summing up, Android Auto is like Google Now for your car, but we shouldn’t forget that it arrives with an interface and controls designed to allow the drive keep his/hers eyes to the road.

Google officially revealed at Google I/O 2014 that they have signed partnerships with about 40 auto makers from around the world and that some of them will integrate the new software platform in their cars by the end of the year.