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Android Device Manager Update Brings Password Challenge

The Android Device Manger is one useful app if you happen to misplace your Android device. Also it could also bring you trouble if someone else opens it, as it hosts sensitive information like location history or it can be used to lock a device. Well, the folks at Google are now pushing an update for Android Device Manger which adds password challenge when you (or someone else) tries to open the app or switch accounts.

As I was mentioning above, after the update Android Device Manger will prompt for password each time it’s opened. If for some reason you are annoyed by the extra care Google has for you, you will also be able to stop Android Device Manger from asking you for password, by simply unchecking the “never ask again” the box.

Besides adding account password challenge at application start or when switching accounts, the new Android Device manager updates brings a couple of bug fixes and performance improvements.

As usual, the Android Device Manger update is being pushed to users via Google Play Store, but if you don’t want to wait until the update is made available in your region you can also download the APK using this link. It’s worth mentioning that the Android Device Manger APK is signed by Google, that it upgrades your existing app, and that it’s safe to install.