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Android market share grows to 61% in the US

Android vs iOS

The NPD Group is an US market researching company that recently conducted a survey which tells us that the Android and Apple Q1 smartphone combined sales reached 90% of the North American market share for the Q1 of 2012.

Android holds 61%  and Apple only 29% and if we compare this scores with the Q4 2011 then we can say that Android raised itself back up from 49% compared to its Q3 score when it managed to held the same rating of 61%. Apple dropped to 29% from the Q4 2011 when it held 41%. This scores are simply telling us that Android and Apple have shared the same overall 90% score of smartphone market share in the last year. However, this surveys where only conducted for iOS market share and not by manufacturer phone sales which still helds the Apple company as the absolute leader.

The company, NPD Group, which held this survey only took into consideration a small segment of smartphone users in the US and not the whole population that owns a smartphone which means that their survey cannot be taken as an absolute truth. However, it is still expected that Android and Apple combined sales might still held a score of over 80% smartphone market sales  for Q1 2012.

If we were to believe the rumors that say that a new Nexus with the new Android OS, Jelly Bean, is ready for a 2012 release along with the iPhone 5 expected for Q4 2012, then we should expect to see some weird fluctuations to the OS market share while the overall OS market share should stay around the same score of 90%.

Q1 2012 OS Market Share of Smartphone Sales