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Android Tablet Market Share Raises To 43% In Q1 2013, Just 5% Behind iPad

With the first quarter of the year being over, let’s how many Android devices have been sold so far. Strategy Analytics has done a new research, according to which the Android tablet shipments all over the world have raised 177 percent annually to 17.6 million units. So, the exact number of tablets that were shipped in the first quarter of 2013 was 40.6 million. If we take into consideration that of all shipped tablets 17.6 million were Android based, it means that Android has no less that 43% global share.

There are two other major operating system players in the global market, namely iOS developed by Apple, and Windows 8 RT developed by Microsoft. Even though there are many manufacturers who have choosen Android for their tablets, Apple is still in the lead with a 48% market share. Microsoft, on the other hand, has a decent 7.5 percent market share due to its 3 million Windows 8 sold tablets. This is pretty good considering that Microsoft has begun from scratch as Windows 8 RT is its first tablet operating system.

The data coming from Strategy Analytics includes only the tablets from the popular manufacturers, as there are plenty of Chinese companies that build tablets which also run Android OS. If we add those to, then the market share of Android would jump to 52 percent, while the market share of Apple would slip to 41 percent.

While Microsoft has a notable 7.5% market share, it seems that the company has experienced some problems in terms of distribution, plus a shortage when it comes to applications. Also, the customers tend to get confused as not all of them know the difference between Windows 8 RT and the desktop version of Microsoft’s operating system, which caused a rather low overall shipment.

The report also includes information about the iPad Mini. Apple managed to ship 19.5 million tablet units in the first quarter of the year, which include the iPad 2 and the original iPad, as well. It’s a good trend for Apple too, as in the same quarter of 2012 the company managed to ship 11.8 million tablets.