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Android to Overtake Windows by 2016

There were more than 916 million “smart connected devices” sold in 2011 and Windows still continues to dominate the market, with 35.9% market share. But according to IDC, this will going to change by 2016, when Android is going to take the lead. According to their report, there will be 1.84 smart connected devices sold in 2016, while Windows will only be present on 25.1% of devices. Android, on the other hand, should reach 31.1% market share from the current 29.4%.

A truly significant increase in smartphone sales will be Asia and especially China, where people start getting 3G devices, many even using them as they primary internet connection. There is a huge potential in China and other Asia countries, now that mobile operators began subsidizing 3G smartphones.

IDC is also basing the affirmations on the many low-price Android tablets usually released by Asian companies and the increasing number of mobile applications.

Personally I believe it’s very hard to predict the 2016 market share, considering Android Tablets are too young and there are Windows tablets and smartphones to come. Though Android has had a huge increase since it got released, so it’s possible to become number one.

Smart connected device shipments have increased from nearly 650 million in 2010 to 916 million in 2011 and they will continue by 15.4% per year, according to IDC’s prediction. Take a look at the chart below where they also specify shipment prediction by the type of device.