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Angry Birds Friends for Android Now Available in Google Play

Because the guys at Rovio probably felt they didn’t took enough advantage from the buzz created around the Angry Birds game, the company announced a new title for the popular series.

Angry Birds Friends was announced yesterday for iOS and Android and the great news is that it’s free. It didn’t take much and in several hours Angry Birds Friends has became one of the top free most downloaded apps on each of the two popular platforms.

The new game developed by Rovio Entertainment is based on the popular Facebook game with the same name that engages your entire friends community in a permanent competition. The Facebook game had no ending, and the same thing applies for Angry Birds Friends for Android, so the fans of the series will never get bored of it.

In Angry Birds Friends will require you to log in with your Facebook account and password and in the next second you will be able to know how you perform compared to your friends. For an adrenaline rush, there will be weekly tournaments that will require more attention if you want to outscore your friends and acquaintances that share your passion.

The first Angry Birds Friends tournament will take place on May 6h, so you will have enough time to train in order to get used to the new game mechanics, with the bonuses you can use, and with the fact that you will always see a top with the best players in the right of the main window, maybe for more psychological pressure.

In many ways, the new Angry Birds Friends seems to me one of the best ever developed around the popular franchise. The only thing that will probably annoy me is that some of my friends will be able to get an advantage using the power-upds that will be available on real money.

You can download Angry Birds Friends for Android from Google Play Store by following this link.