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Angry Birds Heikki Sequel Scheduled for a June Release

If you are part of the millions or should I say billions of people out there who have heard about the Angry Birds games and who have had the chance to play one of them, you will be happy to hear that the company behind the project: Rovio, has not been sitting idle during these last few months. If we are to believe the mock up website put in place to announce the June launch, Rovio has been working very hard at a new type of Angry birds game, one that will even bear the name of the well known Heikki Kovalainen racing pilot. This certainly brings more possible options for the Angry Birds universe to table.

So far Rovio has only gone as far as setting up a teaser website for their new game, but they have not yet provided any details regarding the next sequel in the Angry Birds saga. As you can see in the image below, the only noteworthy things mentioned on the teaser website are the 18th of June launch date and the big red birds with racing stripes in its eyes. This could well be a sign that Rovio is going to pull out of their classic 2D game and move on to a more realistic 3D perspective.

Another interesting aspect is that this game might just be dedicated to Heikki Kovalainen, a Formula 1 race car driver from Rovio’s homeland of Finland, which might just have something to do with the company sponsoring him in the F1 championship. If we are to take what we see in the red bird’s eyes as granted, this next Rovio game will have some sort of connection to racing, so we might just get to see the famous birds going out for a spin this time.

Other rumors suggest that this next game is going to be a browser only edition, and that it won’t be released on any mobile platform, but we do find this quite doubtful. I honestly think that Rovio knows that its fabulous success is there thanks to Android and iOS and it won’t abandon its roots this easily.

Anyway, it doesn’t seem like the Angry Birds Heikki is the only project Rovio is currently working at, since it has just recently celebrated reaching 20+ million downloads with plans of opening more Angry Birds themed parks in China. Keep in mind that it has only been a few weeks since Rovio has opened such a theme park in Finland, and this may just be the starting point of a whole chain of Angry Birds amusement parks. Apart from this Rovio has also mentioned that the new parks will be different from the standard ones, as they will put the people inside the game, not just at the ever present waiting lines.

Coming back to the Angry Birds Heikki game, we can only wait and comment upon what Rovio might come up with for their new game. It is highly unlikely that they will integrate their trademark sling shot type of game into the F1 racing world, but it remains to be seen what the bright minds at Rovio can come up with.

We will keep you updated if new information appears, but until then please share your opinion about this new game in the comments section below.