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Angry Birds Rio Gets Updated With 12 More Levels

Angry Birds Rio

Most of the people who will hear the Angry Birds name right now will immediately think about the new Angry Birds Space application that has been intensely promoted in the last couple of weeks. Rovio, the company which has made a big name for itself with the Angry Birds games seems to also be focused on the older releases of their blockbuster game, such as the Angry Birds Rio.

While Angry Birds Rio is the third release in line it is also the one that has received the least updates and Rovio has taken note on this fact and has updated the app with an additional 12 levels. Although 12 levels is nothing that will keep you entertained for hours, it still means that the producer has not pushed the older versions into oblivion.

Unfortunately these new levels are not so easy to unlock as they are bonus levels that can only be played once you have unlocked certain achievements. In order to unlock them you have to finish all the levels in each episode and collect all the fruit, so you might have to replay some of the challenges in order to gain all that is needed.

If you are thinking that this will be the final update the Rio version of Angry Birds will receive you will be happy to know that Rovio has already announced that they will be releasing new content soon for this version so you should keep checking your app for updates every now and then. After all, if we are to look at the number of updates Rovio made apps have received we can safely say that this producer is all about updating its apps with new contesnt as often as possible.

Last but not least you can install the latest update for the Angry Birds Rio app from this Google Play Store Link or by scanning the QR code below with your Android running device.

Angry Birds Rio QR Code

Angry Birds Rio QR Code