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Angry Birds Space HD Unnecessarily available on Google Play for $2.99

The Angry Birds craziness continues as Rovio recently released the new Angry Birds Space available for download in the Google Play store. There are three versions: the free version which comes with ads, the paid Premium version which is free of ads and the unnecessary HD version which is… unnecessary. Why is that? Because on many Android devices, the Angry Birds Space HD looks the same as the other two versions. Maybe there are some differences in the new iPad because of its Retina Display, but Google Play is for Android handhelds and not many of them have a pixel stuffed display to actually make a difference.

Enough with the three versions of the Angry Birds Space, let’s actually talk about the game itself and the new gameplay mechanics. Rovio apparently collaborated with NASA on this game for the new gameplay, but I think it’s mostly for marketing.

The new Angry Birds Space for Android takes a different approach to the gameplay, adding new mechanics and a different physics system, resulting in more complex strategies for your birds. You launch your Angry Birds in the same manner as before, but from planet to planet and your birds are affected by an orbital system which makes the game more interesting and fun.

The guys at Rovio had put more work into the Angry Birds Space game and made it longer, more engaging and entertaining. If you want the game, head over to Google Play and Download the free version of Angry Birds Space because the other two versions, in my opinion, are not worth the money, especially the HD version.