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AOKP JB-MR1 Build 4 custom ROM based on AOSP Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is now available for 20+ devices

The AOKP team doesn’t sleep and now they’ve managed to release the ‘build 4’ of the AOKP JB MR1 and upgrade from Android 4.2.1 to Android 4.2.2. Which means that they’ve managed to offer the latest Android OS in stock shape for over twenty devices.

Installing this custom ROM is easy as you simply have to download the ROM, then Google Apps. Flash the files using a custom Recovery such as TWRP or CWM. It is based on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean AOSP and with this release there are 7 new devices that have been added to the supported list: HTC One XL, Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Droid RAZR, Motorola Droid Bionic, Galaxy Nexus Sprint and the Motorola Droid RAZR.

Every time you want to flash a custom ROM, it is highly recommended for you to wipe data and factory reset devices. However, if you’re currently using a previous version of the official AOKP JB MR1 ROM then you won’t need to factory reset the phones. However, if you’re coming from a different ROM or from Android 4.0.x or Android 4.1.x then the ‘factory reset’ action is a must, as your device won’t boot with the new AOKP JB MR1 Build 4 custom ROM.

This update comes with several bugfixes and some stability improvements. Below you can find several tutorial guides that will teach you how to successfully update devices to the Android 4.2.2 AOKP Jelly Bean MR1 build 4 ROM. Click the links and you will learn how to manually install the new operating systems.

AOKP JB MR1 Build 4 ROM for the:
– AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 update tutorial here.
– T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 update tutorial here.
– Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 update tutorial here.
– HTC One XL update tutorialĀ here.

In the next few days we will try to post new tutorials for other smartphones that support the new AOKP custom ROM release. Also, you can choose to visit the AOKP team web pageĀ and get the files for all the other devices in order to flash them by yourself without any tutorial.