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AOKP Milestone 5 Firmware ROM Released

AOKP Milestone 5 For Android Devices

Android Open Kang Project, or AOKP, is one of the most popular ROM flashing tools and now it has reached the Milestone 5 build and it can be installed on over twenty five different Android smartphones. Also, developers can use the AOKP software and create their own custom ROMs for devices that are currently unsupported with it.

Milestone 5 for AOKP means that this is an official release and taht they’ve managed to add numerous enough new features and have improved their firmware since the previous Milestone 4 launch. This new AOKP milestone 5 is destined for those that wish to use a more stable release as they wish to avoid the more recent nightly builds that are usually released in-between Milestone launches.

AOKP Milestone 5 can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S I9000, HTC Sensation, Galaxy Nexus 4 and 4G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola XOOM, HTC Incredible, LG Optimus 2X, ASUS Transformer TF101, Galaxy Tab 7, Kindle Fire, HTC EVO 4G and numerous other Android devices. Make sure to return to our website as you will find guides on how to successfully flash the AOKP M5 fast and easy without risking any damage done to your device.

Before you rush to flash the new AOKP firmware on your device you need to know that it won’t work if you’re coming from another custom ROM and that you will need to wipe all data first and only after that you will manage to install the Milestone 5 ROM. In case you’re coming from a newer AOKP build such as the ones over 30, then you won’t be forced to perform a full wipe. However, Nandroid backups are required every time you install new ROMs.

The main changes that are included with the AOKP M5 firmware are these:

  • IMM76I has been updated and the main differences between it and the IMM76Di is that it is packing Galaxy Nexus kernel.
  • the Galaxy Nexus kernel has been updated to Faux’s 16m kernel and it comes with packs from IMM76I.
  • repaired numerous bugs that made long press home on navbar being enabled by default.
  • flash-off indicator is now displayed in camera app.
  • repaired the brightness slider that would go haywire when activating auto-brightness
  • AVRCP is now fixed and it shouldn’t perform any more reboots.
  • wifi icon has been fixed and it won’t cut off anymore
  • game ranges can now be set from -100 to 100 with the default value being set to 0.
  • new shortcuts added for toggling torch and navbar
  • you can now add new icons to navbar with long pressing action and selecting Custom app and then scroll down to System UI and then adding new navbar toggles.
  • a500 has been renamed and updated and it is now titled picasso.
  • everything is now working smoothly except for the GPS that still suffers from slow lock times.
  • there are numerous other fixes and features added but please keep in mind that there are still some specific bugs depending on the device you’re currently using with AOKP M5.

The above are the most important changes done to AOKP M5 and if you love to flash custom ROMs and you’re device is supported, then you should give AOKP a try as it comes with improved performances. If you’re using Galaxy Nexus then it will upgrade the kernel and fixed camera bugs. Also, make sure that you perform a full wipe when installing Milestone 5 on your device. Use the comments section and let us know how AOKP Milestone 5 is performing on your Android device.

Note that after flashing the AOKP M5 firmware you will need to flash the Gapps zip also. Make sure to return to our website as we will keep on releasing new how-to guide for user that wish to upgrade to Milestone 5 and don’t know how.