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Apple fan’s reaction to the iPhone 5 release (comic)

Apple has just released the iPhone 5 in several countries, including the US, Canada, Australia and some in Europe. Like we were expected, people formed huge lines in front of the Apple Stores in order to get their iPhone 5 as soon as possible.

Unfortunately for some, it didn’t reach all countries yet, so there are some who still have to wait until they can get their hands on the iPhone 5.

Like I told you already, I am very disappointed by the device, while most Apple fans find it revolutionary and amazing. Even if the internet didn’t respond very well to Apple’s new device, it will probably become a best-seller, like it always happens with Apple’s products.

We went to see what happens at a local Apple Store and we really noticed something weird when people were getting out with their new iPhone 4SS iPhone 5. I don’t know what exactly caused the reaction. It might be the high level of amazing seeing such a revolutionary product or it might be the moment when they realized they just got their pockets empty for 0.5″ of glass, which could have been their years ago for less.

Now let’s get to the subject. Just watch the video of an Apple fan getting out of the Apple Store with his new iPhone 5.

P.S. If you came here just to tell me something nice about my mother, as you always do when I talk about Apple, hit me with an email and I’ll hand you her phone number. Just make sure you have the iHangup app installed because she’s kind of a chit chatter.

Disclaimer: Like you can see in the title, this is really a joke, so act accordingly, please.