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Archos TV Connect Brings Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to your HDTV for only $129.99

Archos is a company popular for its tablets, but it looks like theĀ France-based tablet maker is also attracted by other areas. Thus, after it created a tablet for kids and a gaming tablet, Archos is now developing a media device called Archos TV Connect, which will bring Android Jelly Bean on your HDTV.

TV Connect can be paired with an HDMI-compatible TV allowing you to control it using the special TV Touch remote control. The product will be available on the market as of February 2013, and the terminal is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, providing access to Google Play apps and games on your HDTV.

Since Archos TV Connect provides access to Google Play Store I am expecting it to work like a media player/set top box, in a similar way the other gadgets work.

TV Connect has support for microSD, USB and HDMI, and the package will contain an HDMI cable. The Archos terminal will also pack Ethernet and WiFi and it will provide support for H.264 and 1,080p playback.

The Archos TV Connect also includes an HD webcam, notifications LED and therefore you will be able to use video chat services like Skype and Google Talk.

The TV Touch remote control that is included in the Archos TV Connect package brings a QWERTY keyboard, support for multitouch gestures, Android-specific shortcuts and gaming buttons.

Archos TV Connect will have a retail price of $129.99.