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ASUS PadFone 2 Release Date and Price in UK Are March 1st for £599.99

Yesterday, Asus unveiled its latest dockable device, the PadFone Infinity. The handset has a pretty slick appearance and the specs are worthy of a first class high-end device, but the problem is its price, which is not small at all. So, if you are looking for something similar but not so expensive, an alternative would be another Asus product namely the PadFone 2, which will be available in the United Kingdom as of March 1st.

The PadFone 2 will cost you less money than the PadFone Infinity, but don’t get too excited because it’s not that cheap. The price tag for the Asus PadFone 2 will be £599.99, which is £200 cheaper than the new device (of course, the PadFone Infinity is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdrafon 600, thus the higher pricing).

If you don’t remember what kind of hardware the Asus PadFone 2 comes with, it sports a Snapdragon S4 quad-core CPU clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, a 4.7-inch Super IPS+ screen and a 2,140 mAh battery. The handsets also comes with a 13 megapixel shooter and runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Now the questions is if you consider that buying a dockable tablet is a good choice for you, or you prefer two separate devices? It depends on what you like and how you want to use them. For example, the dockable design allows you to store data on a single handset and use them on both. On the other hand, you can’t really separate those two. While you can still enjoy the smartphone, the tablet is useless without it, son you can’t lend it to anyone.

Still, it’s up to you. I only wanted you to know that the Asus PadFone 2 will be available as of March 1st in the UK.