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ASUS Qube Passes FCC, Comes To Provide Google TV Experience

One of the latest ASUS products has just passed FCC’s inspection and it comes to provide Google TV functionality. ASUS Qube is rather an USB dongle that is connected to a device via the USB port, providing Google TV on the respective gadget. You can also find some applications in Google Play Store, developed by ASUS, and providing clues about the features of the Qube.

ASUS Qube has been spotted at FCC and since the device is almost ready to come out of beta, I guess there’s not long until we will see it in flesh. The guys at Engaget discovered that some of the ASUS applications available in Play Store have been developed to also include suggestions for the features provided by the new device.

The apps offering clues about the development of ASUS Qube are O!Mobile Control Center and O!Mobile Remote – both apps allowing the user to remotely control a device using a mobile terminal. Both applications are available fore free in Play Store.

Even though Google TV didn’t enjoyed to many positive reviews, but there are certain companies out there, with ASUS being one of them, who are capable of pushing Google’s service on the right path. Google TV offers access to numerous popular services, especially on the North American market, including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Google Play Store – for a large number of TV shows and movies.