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ASUS Announced Qube for Google TV at CES 2013, Nexus Q’s Successor?

Google Nexus Q looked like it has a lot to offer when it was announced last summer, but, in the meantime, it went of the radar. Meanwhile, the idea of companion PC/mini player that goes hand in hand with Google TV vanished, but it seems that ASUS is willing to tickle our interest in the area with a new product that was announced at CES 2013: ASUS Qube.

ASUS Qube has the grate advantage of detecting user’s movements using an “advanced remote control,” that allows the user to manipulate the cube-shaped user interface on the screen.

The gadget also supports voice controls for navigation and search, but also browsing through content from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, for example. The Google Play Store apps and games are also supported, so ASUS Qube is a veritable “magic box.”

A special Mobile Remote for Android-powered smartphones and tablets will be launched soon, allowing the user to remotely control the Qube, and I am eager to see how it will be compared to Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass solution.

You can view the ASUS Qube as a set top box, a black cube that comes with 50 GB of ASUS cloud storge and HDMI port. For the time being, it is rumored that its price will be set bellow Nexus Q’s $299 price tag.