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We will soon be able to make ATM withdrawals with just a smartphone and QR code

Using a credit card while shopping has become very popular lately, but the trend started moving toward smartphones, thanks to the NFC technology. Though the technology presented here doesn’t even require NFC and it can be done with any smartphone equipped with a camera and a QR code reader.

The system is called NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal and it allows the user to scan a QR code on the ATM in order to withdraw his funds. No passwords have to be introduced in the ATM, so skimmers will be history.

Basically any Android or iOS device with a camera and internet connection can use this technology and the ATM doesn’t need any hardware changes. Everything is done through software, so it can be easily implemented.

NCR Corporation announced that implementation will begin this year, so we will soon be able to use the NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal. This sounds like a good news for everyone, especially for those who cannot remember their passwords.

Unfortunately we don’t have any more information about this and I believe everyone is concerned about security, though hopefully the company will let us know more once they begin rolling out the system. You can understand better how it works by watching the video below, with the NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal technology in action.