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AT&T HTC One X Pricing and Availability have been Officially Revealed

The international version of the HTC One X has been keeping the headlines in news sites for quite some time now with its impressive performance, high price tag, or even with the latest bug fixing update, but there has been little news of the AT&T version of the flagship HTC device until now. Thanks to an official announcement by AT&T we can now tell you everything you would need to know about the version of the One X that will be sold by the US carrier.

The AT&T HTC One X will be available for preorders starting with the 22nd day of April, but the actual release and shipping date will be the 6th of May. Its international sibling has been very well received by both the press and the consumers, so the stock AT&T has might dwindle pretty rapidly even from the first day of preorders, so if you want to buy one you should be ready to do so on the 22nd of April.

Another critical aspect of this new Android packing device is price. AT&T will want $199.99 on a two-year contract for the One X, but if we take into consideration the technology and software that lies inside, this might not seem like such a high price.

Yet another key aspect of the AT&T version of the One X is that it is significantly different to the international version, and more of a blend between the One X and One S. The processor inside the AT&T version of the One X is the powerful Snapdragon S4 Krait dual core silicon slab that runs at 1.5 GHz. For many, this may seem like a downgrade from the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor used in the international version, but take our word on it, the differences between the two chipsets are minimal at best.

You must also remember that unlike the international version, the AT&T One X will offer support for the carrier’s 4G frequencies. Add this to the already excellent browsing experience on Android 4.0.3 ICS topped with Sense 4.0 and you have quite the looker.

Before you leave, please check out the promotional video AT&T has set up for their first Android 4.0 ICS packing smartphone:



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